Fatburger offers 100% plant based cheeseburger and vegans rejoice


Vegans have a new burger option. Fatburger has a 100% plant-based cheeseburger on the menu and it is time to satisfy that cheeseburger craving.

As the plant-based food trend grows, Fatburger continues to embrace it. Now, a 100% plant-based cheeseburger is on Fatburger’s menu at all domestic locations starting November 1. Are you ready to taste this vegan cheeseburger offering?

Fatburger has offered its Impossible Burger for a while. While that plant-based food offering was well received, the option to have a vegan cheese wasn’t readily available. For vegans, the option was a plain burger, no cheese.

Now, at all domestic Fatburger locations starting November 1, plant-based, dairy-free Dairy Cheddar Style Slices are on the menu. By adding this menu choice, vegans can have the plant-based cheeseburger than they crave.

The cheddar style slices can be added to any Fatburger menu item. It isn’t limited to just the Impossible Burger offering.

Beyond the vegan aspect, this dairy free cheddar style slice is a great option for those guests who are dairy free, yet not vegan. These slices aren’t just for the Impossible Burger. They can be paired with the iconic Lovie Yancey burger that has captivated fans for more than 70 years.

Fatburger understands that its menu needs to evolve. The cheddar style slices are just another example of its expanding menu options. For example, the vegan milkshakes have been very well received.

As consumers’ palates, dietary choices and food trends change, every restaurant brand will need to embrace these changes. Even if the plant-based burgers start to peak, another food trend will be on the horizon.

While Fatburger is a legend in the burger world, it has to look at where it can embrace a wider clientele. Although fans will always crave that iconic burger, it needs to continue to gain customers. By offering vegan and dairy free choices, it widens its customer base tremendously.

In honor of World Vegan Day, Fatburger will offer “free Daiya dairy-free Cheddar Style Slice with any burger or sandwich purchase on November 1.” This free offer can be a great reason to try it, even if you aren’t vegan or dairy free.

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Would Fatburger’s new plant-based cheeseburger entice you to order it? What do you think of the plant-based food trend?