Beers to go? Walmart adds adult beverage pick up service locations


Need another reason to love Walmart Grocery Pickup? Now, more locations will offer adult beverage pick up service. Got beers to go?

Walmart understands that convenience drives customer loyalty. Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service has become a hugely popular program. Now there is even more reason to click, buy and pickup because Walmart’s Grocery Pickup has expanded its alcoholic beverages purchase options.

2,000 locations in 29 states will offer adult beverage purchases through the Grocery Pickup service. California, Florida and Texas are some of the several states that will offer this shopping convenience. Are you ready to say cheers to that?

One of the biggest reasons why Walmart’s Grocery Pickup service is so popular is the convenience. From the busy mom running in between activities to that forgotten special ingredient for the tailgate, people want to be able to grab and go. Customers are moving away from roaming the store just to browse. Now, people just scroll on their phone from the comfort of their couch.

With the addition of adult beverage pickup service, this offering could change how and what people drink. Putting aside the possibility of people drinking more because of the convenience, this service could increase brand loyalty.

Sometimes when a customer browses a liquor aisle, they might pick up something new or different depending on a sale or even a pretty wine bottle. There is almost an impulse purchase to it.

When it comes to shopping online, consumers might stick with the classics, well-known or the “usual.” It will be interesting to see if this type of shopping convenience will change consumer’s preferences.

Still, the ability to get all shopping done in an easy, convenient way shows that consumers preferences are changing and brands will have to adapt to those changes. Whether it is brand loyalty or enticing marketing, how consumers purchase is as important as what they purchase.

As this adult beverage pickup service rolls out, it will be interesting to see what consumers buy and how well it is received. Given the potential for success, more types of these services are likely to be on the horizon.

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Do you use the Walmart grocery pickup service? Would the option to get beer to go entice you to use it?