Subway fights hunger one sandwich at a time


Subway believes that change can start one sandwich at a time. In honor of World Sandwich Day, that sandwich can make huge difference for someone who is hungry.

Need a reason to head to Subway to celebrate World Sandwich Day on November 3? The food holiday is an excuse to have a tasty sub, wrap or slider. For the fourth consecutive year, that sandwich is more than just a tasty bite, it will do good.

From November 3 through November 9, every online sandwich order “will help provide a meal to Feeding America.” While that sandwich might curb a guest’s hunger, it can have a bigger impact on fighting  hunger across the U.S. Isn’t that impact a great reason to order an extra sandwich next week?

“No one should ever struggle to find their next meal, but sadly one in nine of our neighbors do. Subway and our Franchise Owners are committed to helping our neighbors in need get access to nutritious food,” said Victor Lamberti, Subway’s Manager of Community Engagement. “And, we invite our guests to join us in doing good in our community.”

Hunger in the U.S. is a silent, but rampant issue. From the child who goes to school having not eaten all night to the family who suffers from food insecurity, the lack of food doesn’t have a stereotype. It could be your neighbor, classmate or friend. Since there is a stigma, no one knows how to talk about the social issue.

Subway has, and continues, to use its platform to both donate to and educate about this cause. When people become more aware, they are more willing to change and make a difference. Yes, sometimes buying a sandwich can really make a difference.

Recently, Subway encouraged everyone to adopt ugly vegetables. While the images were cute and the message was engaging, that promotion provided significant donations to Feed America.

Again, when people are willing to have the conversation, change can happen. If a food holiday can get people talking, shouldn’t everyone go and order a subway because it can help others?

So, November 3 through November 9, consider ordering a Subway sandwich not just because you are craving that meatball marinara. Order a sub every day and make an impact by helping Feeding America.

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Who is going to join Subway to celebrate World Sandwich Day and support Feeding America?