Subway embraces plant-based protein with Beyond Meatball Marinara sub


A classic Subway sub is getting a plant based protein makeover. The Beyond Meatball Marinara sub is here and are you ready to embrace Beyond Meat?

The Beyond Meatball Marinara sub is here and Subway is joining the plant based protein movement. Made with Beyond Meat this partnership gives fans, flexitarians and vegetarians a new option at the popular restaurant chain. Are you ready to embrace the beyond?

Subway has always offered vegetarian options. According to the brand, guests can create more than “1 billion meatless sandwich, flatbread and Signature Wrap combinations.” With a number that astonishing, it is clear that more people are choosing to add more meatless meals into their eating habits.

This partnership with Beyond Meat remakes the classic Meatball Marinara sub with the plant based protein. The meatballs may be different, but the other sub ingredients are the same. From the classic sauce to the grated Parmesan, it has all the flavor that fans have come to expect.

Similar to other brands expansion into the plant based protein movement, Subway was smart to start with this sub for the launch. This sub has a lot of flavor. While FoodSided hasn’t done a taste test with this sub, it would be interesting to do a side by side comparison.

For many people, the reason why they are drawn to these plant based meat alternatives are the satisfaction that they provide. From texture to taste, people feel like they are enjoying a traditional meat product.

New Subway launches Beyond Meatball Marinara sub, photo provided by Subway

Additionally, this particular sub will offer a “24 grams of protein per 6 inch sub.” For some people, a substantial amount of protein per sub is important. Given this amount, it should appeal to those guests as well.

This partnership is just one of many new initiatives from Subway. In just the past couple of months, the restaurant chain has partnered with Halo Top to create hand-spun milkshakes and with Kings Hawaiian for freshly baked in house Kings Hawaiian bread sandwiches.

The brand understands that innovation is key to keeping fans engaged and coming back. While the classics will always be a favorite, new offerings keep the menu exciting and offer variety. For example, if you love the classic meatball marinara, the new Beyond version might be the opportunity to try the Beyond Meat.

The new Beyond Meatball Marinara sub will be available at 685 participating locations. It is suggested to check with your local restaurant to see if they are participating.

With this partnership between Subway and Beyond Meat, it will be interesting to see what additional menu items could be added in the future. Could a Philly sandwich be next?

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Are you excited to try Subway’s Beyond Meatball Marinara? What sub do you think could have a Beyond Meat makeover?