Halo Top Milkshakes are coming to Subway and we can’t wait


Subway continues to innovative. With new Halo Top Milkshakes are coming to select restaurants after the brands announced the exclusive partnership.

Subway and Halo Top Creamery are two popular brands. For the first time, the two brands formed an exclusive partnership. Now, Halo Top Milkshakes will be coming to select restaurants and you will need to try one.

These new milkshakes are the first time the favorite lower calorie ice cream will be available in a milkshake form. The flavor options will be chocolate, vanilla bean and strawberry.

It is interesting that Subway is experimenting with this new menu option at select restaurants. This restaurant chain doesn’t normally focus on dessert options. While cookies are available, sandwiches are usually the main focus.

Still, the sandwich brand is always looking to innovate. As seen with its various new menu items, like the Ciabatta Collection, Tastemade innovations and more, it understands that innovation is key to keeping customers coming back time and again.

Recently, the sandwich fast food chain partnered with King’s Hawaiian. In select restaurants, guests can get freshly baked King’s Hawaiian bread. Now, with the expansion into more dessert options, it appears that partnerships are becoming a way to entice both new guests and fans back into the restaurant.

Halo Top Milkshakes are coming to Subway, photo provided by Subway

Thinking about the Halo Top Milkshake itself, that idea is quite smart. This ice cream brand has quite a loyal following. It is a little curious that this frozen treat hadn’t been offered before. It is a simple idea that many people would want to try.

Looking at the three flavors offered, the options are quite traditional. While this ice cream brand offers some creative flavors, the classics of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry would have the most mass appeal.

It is a little curious that strawberry made the list. In some ways, strawberry sometimes is considered the “other” flavor. While part of the classic Neapolitan ice cream combination, it never really seems to get its due. Could this launch boost strawberry ice cream’s popularity?

While many people will be excited about this Halo Top and Subway partnership, the milkshakes will only be available in select restaurants. 1,000 restaurants in “Colorado Springs, Colorado, Hartford, Connecticut, Longview and Tyler, Texas, Salt Lake City, Utah, Toledo, Ohio and West Palm Beach, Florida” will offer the milkshakes July 22 through September 4.

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Do you want to try the Halo Top Milkshakes? What other new menu items should Subway add?