Subway adds the Ciabatta Collection, giving classics a new flavor spin


Subway continues to add new and exciting flavors to its menu. The Ciabatta Collection gives a new flavor spin to some classic sandwiches.

Summer is looking tasty. Subway has just added the Ciabatta Collection for the summer. These three new sandwiches offer a tasty spin on some classic favorite sandwiches. The freshly baked ciabatta bread adds both flavor and texture to some classics.

According to Subway, the Ciabatta Collection can be found at participating restaurants. The three sandwiches are Italian Ciabatta, Chicken Pesto Ciabatta and Garlic Steak and Provolone Ciabatta. While all three new sandwiches sound tasty, the Chicken Pesto Ciabatta.

Made with fresh mozzarella, the Chicken Pesto Ciabatta features the new basil pesto sauce. The combination of the fresh mozzarella, basil pesto, and rotisserie-style chicken are highlighted by the freshly baked ciabatta bread. It will be a perfect bite.

If you are looking for a bold bite, the Garlic Steak and Provolone Ciabatta has creamy garlic aioli and secret sub spice seasoning. The combination gets a touch of brightness from the tomatoes, onion and green peppers. It will definitely be a hearty bite.

The addition of the new Ciabatta sandwiches show how a particular bread can make a difference in sandwich enjoyment. For example, these sandwiches are hearty and need a hearty bread. The flavor that the ciabatta offers will be a nice contrast to the sandwich.

Hubert’s Lemonade is coming to Subway’s beverage stations, photo provided by Subway

In addition to the new Ciabatta Collection, Subway will offer Hubert’s lemonade from the fountain. The tasty, all-natural lemonade is the perfect pairing to any Subway sandwich. While the Hubert’s lemonade is launching now, there is an expectation that more beverages will happen in the future.

Some recent beverage stations has seen the introduction of Tropical Strawberry Lemonade and Pomegranate Limeade. As guests want more light, bubbly refreshing options, restaurants are looking to innovate.

These new sandwiches and beverages show Subway’s commitment to innovation and growth. So far this year the brand has introduced several different sandwiches to this collection. From twists on classics to Tastemade influenced items to Kings Hawaiian, these new choices drive customers back to the restaurant.
The new Ciabatta Collection is available now through September 4 at participating restaurants.

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Which new Ciabatta sandwich would you like to try? What type of new sandwich should Subway add next?