Subway says aloha to hot, fresh baked King’s Hawaiian bread


Subway has enticed guests with its hot, fresh bread. Now a partnership with King’s Hawaiian bread, there is another reason to go and eat fresh.

Move over Subway foot-long. Time to say aloha to hot, fresh baked King’s Hawaiian bread. For the first time, that slightly sweet, craveable King’s Hawaiian will be baked fresh at Subway restaurants. Who is craving a sandwich?

According to Subway, the new partnership with will launch in restaurants on June 27 in select test markets. Guests can upgrade their favorite sandwich with the specially made Hawaiian bread.

Lee Van Popering, Subway’s Chief Brand and Innovation Officer said, “we’re excited to be the only restaurant in the world trusted to serve King’s Hawaiian bread this way.”

Since the new bread comes in an 8-inches (a new size), these “Aloha Style” sandwiches will have a “Deluxe portion of meat and double the cheese” (versus average 6-inch sandwich).

In addition, Subway has created two new sandwiches featuring for the new “Aloha Style.” The sandwiches are: Turkey, Bacon and Provolone and Ham and Swiss.
New Subway sandwiches featuring King’s Hawaiian Bread, photo provided by Subway

Looking at these two sandwiches, the first one that I will order would be the Ham and Swiss. In addition to the ham and cheese, the sandwich adds spinach, tomatoes and mayo. While I would skip the mayo, the spinach is a nice contrast to the sweeter Hawaiian bread. Plus, who doesn’t need more veggies.

The Turkey, Bacon and Provolone option is a little more traditional. The bacon is a smart pairing with the Hawaiian bread. In many ways, this sandwich could quickly become a guest favorite.

These new sandwich options are another example of Subway’s commitment to innovation. From the Inspired by Tastemade menu to the twists on the traditional club sandwich, the brand understands that it needs to push the flavor boundaries.

While it continues to innovate, the restaurant brand never strays too far from its base. Making sandwiches that appeal to a broad group is imperative. The innovation allows the fan to stay within the familiar but still try something new.

The new sandwiches will be available from June 27 through September 4 in Champaign, Illinois, Reno, Nevada and Richmond, Virginia. Hopefully after this initial launch, the partnership will expand to more restaurants.

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What do you think of the Subway and King’s Hawaiian bread partnership? Will you travel to one of the test cities to taste one?