Can Ruffles help cure your nighttime snacking scaries?


Is nighttime snacking just too scary? Luckily Ruffles found a cure for Anthony Davis and it could help you too.

Do you have a fear? For Ruffles partner, Anthony Davis, he admitted that he is afraid of the dark. Like many people, those scary movies can make people think that there is something lurking in the shadows But, when a late night snacking craving hits, sometimes you need to find a way around that phobia.

While people have all types of fears, the fear of the dark is often a big one. It could be the fear of the unknown, the power of your imagination and a variety of other things. In some ways, a little light can be a huge help.

Even though Anthony Davis is a successful NBA player, he fears the dark, just like many other people. Since he signed his “Chip Deal” with Ruffles, the snack brand wanted to make sure that its partner had a little light for his late night chip craving.

The limited-edition Ruffles Glow Bag definitely helped Davis over-come his late night fear. Even after one of his best individual performances, Davis can appreciate a little light encouragement.

While this limited-edition Sour Cream and Cheddar Glow Bag was made just for Davis, a few lucky people have received one too and others can win one on social media. Although not everyone will be as fortunate as Davis, they can appreciate the sentiment.

Given the Chip Deal, it is interesting to see how Ruffles is leveraging that partnership. Giving its biggest fan a way to combat his nighttime snacking scaries is fun. More importantly, the story is relatable to many people.

Since there are so many snacking options, people need to feel connected to the brand. While taste or favorite flavors drive many decisions, people often stay with a brand because of the connection. Whether it is a basketball player, the fear of the dark or something else, it keeps consumers coming back time and again.

This nighttime snacking scaries promotion is quite entertaining and will definitely be remembered. It will be curious to see what the next Davis and Ruffles promotion will be.

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Do you think Ruffles helped Anthony Davis overcome his fear of the dark? Would your fear of the dark keep you away from nighttime snacking?