Red Bull Winter Edition Plum Twist: Ready for winter wings?


Need a little winter pick me up? Red Bull Winter Edition Plum is toasting the season with warm, inviting flavor that will have you energized all winter long.

A change of season brings back a favorite flavor. Red Bull Winter Edition Plum Twist is back just in time for that winter chill. While the temperatures might be dropping, this Red Bull flavor will have you sprouting your winter wings. Ready to pop open a can?

This Red Bull winter flavor is a relaunch for the cooler temperatures. With flavors of plum and cinnamon, the winterized Red Bull is a perfect sip to combat that chill and give you a boost of energy.

A combination of plum and cinnamon is a lovely twist on winter flavors. The cinnamon adds a hint of warm spice that seems to ward off that blistery chill factor. Where the plum adds a touch of sweetness that balances the warm cinnamon. It is a smooth beverage that you will want to enjoy time and again.

Whether grabbing a Red Bull before speeding down the slopes or energizing before that run through the holiday airport travel obstacles, this drink will keep your winter wings fluttering. Doesn’t everyone need a little boost during the holiday season?

Over the years, Red Bull has become a popular mixer for both cocktails and mocktails. While some people might be drawn to a cocktail over the holidays, a flavorful zero-proof drink can be essential at any holiday party.

When it comes to a zero-proof drink, the drink needs a big boost of flavor. That flavor can come from herbs, fresh ingredients and a few strategic choices.

Just in time for the holiday party circuit, Red Bull created two custom recipes using its Winter Plum Edition Twist. These two drinks are big on flavor, but relatively easy to make.

Red Bull Winter Edition Mocktails – Winter edition Plum Twist Mocktails recipes, photo provided by Red Bull

Since Red Bull is known for giving you wings, the Winter Wings cocktail is a great way to start a party. The zero-proof cocktail, with a burst of energy, will give you the stagima to make it through all those tedious conversations with that cousin you haven’t seen since the last holiday party.

Here’s how to make Winter Wings.

"Winter Wings1 ounce fresh lime juice1/2 ounce organic wild honey4 basil leavesShake or blendAdd fresh ice to your glass and top with Red Bull Winter Edition Plum TwistGarnish with basil"

The use of the basil is a lovely idea. The herbs balance the spice of the cinnamon and the sweetness of the honey and plum. With the touch of lime juice, the drink has a brightness that keeps it light and refreshing. Cheers to those winter wings!

For a sweeter drink, the Holiday Twist could replace that eggnog drink. Made with coconut milk and a little vanilla, there is a touch of sweetness without feeling like a drinkable dessert.

Here’s how to make the Holiday Twist.

"Holiday Twist1/2 ounce coconut milk1/2 ounce wild honey3/4 ounce lemon juiceI touch of vanilla extractShake and serve over ice with Red Bull Winter Edition Plum Twist"

This drink could be a nice dessert replacement. After a big holiday dinner, many people feel ready for a nap. Instead of grabbing that extra piece of pie (and a pillow), consider making this drink.

The Red Bull Winter Edition Plum Twist is available now through January 31, while supplies last. It is sold as a single serve, 12 oz can at retailers. Additionally, some bars and restaurants might have the limited-edition flavor available.

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Are you ready to get your winter wings? Red Bull Winter Edition Plum Twist could be your holiday secret weapon.