Which Mars-Wrigley holiday candies will be in your Christmas stocking?


Have you been stocking up on holiday sweet treats yet? These Mars-Wrigley holiday candies are Santa approved and will definitely bring a smile during the holiday season.

Do you have favorite Mars-Wrigley holiday candies? When it comes to the holidays, everyone seems to be craving some more sweet treats. From the candy bowl to the Christmas stocking, holiday candies are everywhere. Which candies will you be enjoying this holiday season?

When it comes to the holiday season, everyone seems willing to indulge a little more. That candy bowl is always filled with some sweet treats. According study provided by Mars-Wrigley, 68% of people put out candy bowls at the holidays. From work to the coffee table, these bowls are always filled.

Additionally, M&M’S are one of the most popular candies to put in a candy bowl. Whether it is the popularity of the classic candy or the festive colors, it seems that M&M’S are everywhere.

While the classic chocolate M&M’S are delicious, the holiday M&M’S add a festive twist. This year, the choices are M&M’S® Mint Chocolate Candies and M&M’S® Peppermint White Chocolate Candies. While both candies are the colors of the season, they are also the flavors of the season.

Chocolate and mint are a classic winter combination. The mint flavor is both invigorating and refreshing on those chilly days. Just like that sweet treat offers a little happy boost, that mint flavor seems to bring an extra pep in your step.

While the Peppermint White Chocolate is a little sweeter, the Mint Chocolate is quite satisfying. Even just a few handfuls after dinner can satisfy that sweet tooth.

In addition to handfuls of M&M’S during the holiday season other Mars-Wrigley holiday treats are transformed for the happiest time of the year. DOVE PROMISES Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Mint Cookie Gifts satisfies in both flavor and texture.

The combination of mint and cookies inside of rich chocolate is the perfect bite for any occasion. Plus, each wrapper has a special message. Who doesn’t want candy with a smile?

Although many people crave chocolate during the holidays, candy canes are another top choice. But, some people (like me) avoid them because of the dreaded wrapper issue. With ECLIPSE CANDY CANE PEPPERMINT Gum, all the tasty candy cane flavor is there but without that hassle.

Photo: Dove Promises Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate Mint Cookies Gifts.. Photo courtesy of Mars Wrigley

While all these Mars-Wrigley holiday treats are available now, Santa is always thinking about what to put in those Christmas stockings. Did you know that “stocking stuffers are the number 2 holiday usage for holiday candies?” With that statistic, Santa better stock up!

In addition to the traditional bags of candies, Mars-Wrigley has a wide variety of holiday offerings that are perfect for stocking stuffers. From the M&M’S FUN SIZE Milk Chocolate Candies Storybook to the CELEBRATIONS Chocolates Magnum Gift Bottle, there are all types of candies to fill up that Christmas stocking.

The Mars-Wrigley holiday candies are rolling out on store shelves now. But, if you want to indulge on these sweet treats, don’t wait too long. Just like the holidays, the celebration will be gone before you know it.

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What is your favorite holiday candy? Do you keep holiday candy out all season long?