Green Eggs and Ham, Subway says yes, we can have them


You don’t have to rhyme your way to enjoy Green Eggs and Ham at Subway. The Dr. Seuss classic is at select locations, if you’re up for some colorful eating.

Subway has found a colorful, eat fresh way to get everyone excited about Netflix’s Green Eggs and Ham series. While everyone knows that eating the rainbow is important to healthy eating, this colorful sandwich is add a dash of Dr. Seuss fun, too. Ready to dig in?

One of the classic tales is Green Eggs and Ham. Whether you remember the entire story or just snippets, the whimsical rhymes have become part of the pop culture narrative. And, that colorful plate of food has become a favorite with all ages.

Like many parents, I personally have attempted to make this classic combination at home. While my intention was good, the resulting culinary creation was less Seussical fun and more culinary gone wrong. Luckily, Subway has come to my rescue.

For those people who live in New York City and Los Angeles, select Subway restaurants will be offering a Green Eggs and Ham sandwich. Inspired by the Netflix series, the sandwich could be the fun way to say yes I will to eating well today.

The special sandwich features “green eggs, ham, American cheese, guacamole, fresh spinach and sliced tomatoes piled high on Italian bread.” This sandwich is a fun way to get the kids to eat their greens.

While the actual green eggs are fun, it is nice that the sandwich features some spinach, too. With all the guacamole and tomatoes, this sandwich is packed with some good nutrition. If Dr. Seuss inspires kids to learn, maybe this sandwich will inspire everyone to eat some more veggies.

In addition to the Green Eggs and Ham sandwich, a special restaurant takeover is happening in Los Angeles. As the series jumps off the screen and into the real world, guests can even see the Hambulance in person. Who wouldn’t smile when they see an ambulance with a giant green ham on top?

While this restaurant takeover is just in LA and the sandwich is only in the NYC and LA areas, the Hambulance will be heading out across the country. Maybe you will be able to catch it in person.

Even if you can’t get a Subway Green Eggs and Ham sandwich in person, the Subway, a Fresh Fit For Kids Meal is featuring the Netflix series. Maybe it will inspire kids to eat a few more green foods.

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Have you ever had a Green Eggs and Ham sandwich before? What is your favorite Dr. Seuss inspired food?