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Ever wonder what people eat while watching award shows? Luckily, the Grubhub Foodie Choice Awards have determined the most popular foods.

Move over James Beard Awards, the Grubhub Foodie Choice Awards have determined the most popular foods that people order while watching all those award shows. While the People’s Choice Awards might determine favorite movies, television shows and celebrities, Grubhub has determined tastier award winners. What tops the Foodie Choice Awards?

Food trends come and go. While mung bean might be the next “it” food, sometimes people crave something a little decadent, spicy or just comforting. Now that Grubhub can bring all your favorite restaurant foods directly to your door, there is nothing better than watching your favorite award show with a tasty dish.

As the award season begins, Grubhub has determined the most popular foods ordered on awards night. While some celebrities might wait till the end of the evening to enjoy that In and Out Burger, fans are grabbing a plate and a fork while the winners are unveiled.

According to the Grubhub Foodie Choice Awards, the most popular food ordered on an awards night is a spicy Thai Salad. While it isn’t quite certain why this particular dish spikes on an awards night, it does sound like a tasty dish.

A spicy Thai Salad seems to balance a couple of aspects. It is bold yet comforting, filling yet light and flavorful yet approachable. In a way, it is a dish that offers a little bit of something for everyone.

While the most popular foods are expected, Grubhub awarded the most unexpected order food, too. Apparently, people are order a lot of Coldbrew Coffee. Maybe people need to stay caffeinated to stay up to see that final award of the evening.

Lastly, desserts are a popular choice to order during an awards show. Since couch surfing doesn’t require a red-carpet ensemble, a tasty dessert can be the perfect comforting bite.

According to Grubhub, the most popular dessert on awards night is the peanut butter mudslide. This dessert is the perfect combination of sweet, salty and decadent. And, no, you don’t have to share.

These items are just a few of the Grubhub Foodie Choice Awards. From the drama dishes to regional favorites, the list goes on and on (just like those award shows).

Still, the biggest takeaway from these foodie awards is that people love ordering in during award show season. In a way, it is a guilty indulgence, just like binge watching your favorite shows.

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Do you have a nominee for the Grubhub Foodie Choice Awards? What foods do you eat while watching an awards show?