Wendy’s Birthday Cake Frosty is here and our fries are celebrating


Every day can be a birthday celebration with the new Wendy’s Birthday Cake Frosty. It is time to grab some French fries and get dipping.

Wendy’s is celebrating its 50th birthday with some tasty ways to celebrate. The new Wendy’s Birthday Cake Frosty could be the perfect excuse to have a sweet treat. Are you ready to grab a spoon and celebrate?

On November 15, Wendy’s turns 50. Many years ago, Dave Thomas founded Wendy’s Old-Fashioned Hamburgers. The brand believes in the motto, “Fast Food Done Right.” While the concept seems simple, it connects with its legion of fans.

What started as old fashioned hamburgers has expanded over the years. From chicken to salads to limited edition menus, there is always something tasty that brings fans in for another satisfying bite.

One of the sweet treats that Wendy’s is known for is the Frosty. Since the brand began, the Frosty has been on the menu. In the past 50 years, Wendy’s has sold “more than 300 million Frosty treats” a year.

While there is both a chocolate and vanilla version, Wendy’s is celebrating its momentous 50th birthday with a new flavor, Birthday Cake Frosty. The limited-edition Frosty flavor takes the vanilla Frosty with classic birthday cake flavor.

In addition to the limited-edition Frosty, Wendy’s is offering a Birthday Cake Frosty Sundae. The sundae combined the birthday cake flavored Frosty with sugar cookie pieces and sprinkles.

While this sundae is quite celebratory, it could be a little sweet. Still, birthday cake and sugar cookies are a tasty combination. And, since this treat is a limited-edition offering, it might be worth trying at least once.

Thinking about this limited-edition Frosty flavor, it will be curious to see how the classic Frosty and French fries pairing works. So many people enjoy dipping those Wendy’s French fries in a Frosty. While vanilla and chocolate work well, it will be interesting to see if the sweet birthday cake flavor works with the fries.

The two limited edition sweet treats will be available at participating locations. Wendy’s didn’t specify how long these Frosty treats will be available.

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What do you think of Wendy’s Birthday Cake Frosty? Will you go in search of one?