Burger King expands its plant-based burger options


There are more ways to have it your way. Burger King expands its plant-based burger options and people are excited.

With the hugely successful launch of the Impossible Whopper, Burger King has decided to expand its plant-based burger options. Now both the Impossible Whopper Jr. and the Burger King Rebel Whopper will be joining the menu.

As more and more consumers embrace the plant-based food movement, brands need to find ways to incorporate those foods into their existing menus. While people want these types of foods, they still want their favorite food choices that they crave. Finding the right balance is key.

One of the reasons why the Impossible Whopper has done so well is because it embraces that classic Whopper. Even though the burger has been replaced with a plant-based food, the essence of the burger still remains the same.

Based on guests’ appreciation of this menu item, Burger King has expanded its plant-based burger options with the Impossible Whopper Jr. This version is a slightly smaller version of the classic Whopper.

Additionally, the Impossible Burger will be available in the classic Whopper, a King Jr. Meal and a Cheeseburger option. This launch makes Burger King the first brand to offer a plant-based burger kids’ meal. These new menu items will launch at select restaurants in Milwaukee, Cedar Rapids, Augusta, Cincinnati and Buffalo.

Burger King adds Rebel Whopper, photo provided by Burger King

While the U.S. has embraced the plant-based food movement, Europe is getting ready to get their taste of the Impossible. The Rebel Whopper will be available starting on November 12.

This plant-based offering is a partnership with The Vegetarian Butcher. It will offer that iconic flame-grilled taste, just without the beef. 20 markets and 2,400 restaurants will feature the Rebel Whopper.

As more and more people demand these plant-based food options, it seems that brands will continue to expand the menu choices. While the traditional beef choices will never completely disappear, they will share space with other food alternatives.

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What do you think of the Impossible Burger? Is it how you do Burger King your way?