Pepsi Sparkling Rosé, toast to Lisa Vanderpump and the Bravosphere


Love a great Rosé all day moment like Lisa Vanderpump? The Pepsi Sparkling Rosé is here to be the toast of the Bravosphere at BravoCon.

Raise your glass to BravoCon with the prettiest beverage around. The Pepsi Sparkling Rosé, inspired by Lisa Vanderpump and the Bravosphere, is the perfect excuse to rosé all day without an ounce of shade. Ready to pop open a bottle of this pink Pepsi?

The first ever BravoCon, held in New York City from November 15 through 17, is the ultimate celebration of all things Bravo. Everyone’s favorite Bravo-leberties are gathering together to celebrate the shows that are everyone’s guilty indulgence.

Fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know and love Lisa Vanderpump. While pink might be one of her favorite colors, the entrepreneur and business woman loves a crisp, delicate glass of Rosé. While her own signature Rosé might be delightful on many occasions, sometimes that it might not be time to indulge in a glass of wine. Luckily, Pepsi has found a solution that will leave fans tickled pink.

The Pepsi Sparkling Rosé has been created exclusively for BravoCon. It is described as “a zero-calorie, Rosé-flavored cola” While it has “effervescence notes of a crisp champagne,” it is non-alcoholic. It definitely is a drink that you can Rosé all day without becoming the talk of the gossip channels.

Lisa Vanderpump-inspired Pepsi Sparkling Rosé, photo provided by Pepsi

The popularity of Rosé has not waivered. While some people still consider it a summer drink, the crisp, refreshing flavor has a versatility that transcends seasons. In a way, it is a timeless classic.

While Rosés are quite popular, not everyone can have, or wants, a glass of wine all the time. This special beverage by Pepsi could become the most desired after drink at BravoCon. Can you see the Instagram pictures now?

More importantly, this beverage launch is smart. Lisa Vanderpump has legions of fans. People flock to her restaurants and want to be part of that pink-hued world. From Villa Rosa to Vanderpump Cocktail Garden at Caesars Palace, she has created a pop culture lifestyle image. With this Pepsi Sparkling Rosé, everyone can toast to the pink life.

“It’s no secret that I love Rosé, so when Pepsi told me they were creating a non-alcoholic Pepsi Rosé just for me and my fans at BravoCon I was touched,” says Lisa Vanderpump. “I think it’s extraordinary that Pepsi created something especially for BravoCon, and the crisp and bubbly flavor of their non-alcoholic Rosé is delicious.”

While this beverage is just for BravoCon, it will be interesting to see if Pepsi could make this beverage on a larger scale. With more and more people looking for non-alcoholic beverage options, this Pepsi Sparkling Rosé could be an industry game changer. Beyond the Bravo-fans who have a connection with the Vanderpump-lifestyle, this particular beverage has a lot of potential.

If you were lucky enough to get tickets to BravoCon, there is a Pepsi Sparkling Rosé Bar at the Vanderpump Rules After Party. Also, there is a Pepsi’s Villa Rosa inspired photo activation. For everyone else, we will have to watch from afar on social media (and be totally jealous).

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Would you buy a bottle of Pepsi Sparkling Rosé? Do you want Pepsi to consider adding this beverage to its portfolio?