Toast to the high life – Miller High Life Champagne bottles are back


The champagne of beers wants you to pop a big bottle. Miller High Life Champagne bottles are back and your holidays are even more festive.

Just in time for the holidays, Miller High Life Champagne bottles are heading back to store shelves. These champagne style bottles are just $3.49 but they offer a lot of fun for that value. Are your ready to pop some bottles?

Last year, Miller High Life offered these special bottles and they were a huge hit. They flew off store shelves. If you want to stock the refrigerator with the Champagne of beers for the holidays, you better stock up quickly.

Overall, there seems to be a resurgence in nostalgic brands. Miller High Life has been a classic beer with a long, loyal following. Now, more and more people are discovering why that beer has been a part of many people’s celebrations.

Sometimes people just want a classic beer. No need for extra hops, added flavors or catchy colors. A classic beer should never go out of style.

Toast the high life with Miller High Life Champagne bottles, photo provided by Miller High Life

Looking back at the beer’s history, the moniker “champagne of beers” is integral to the beer itself. Beyond the shape of the bottle, this beer has always had a clear, bubbly beer.

When this beer began, it was considered a luxury. That crisp, refreshing taste gave it a connection to champagne. Over the year, the phrase has stuck.

To celebrate the champagne connection and the Miller High Life Champagne bottles for the holidays, Miller High Life created a custom champagne bottle vending machine. During the second week of December, New York City will get a visit from these special vending machines.

When people see these special vending machines, they better act quickly. The vending machines will be stocked with 150 bottles and the bottles will be free. (Available on a first come, first served basis.) If a free beer doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, you might be the Grinch.

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Are you ready to celebrate the high life with the champagne of beers? Miller High Life Champagne bottles are back and it is time raise a glass.