RITAS think you should never apologize for what you bring to the table


Worried about gathering around the holiday table? RITAS thinks that you should never apologize for who or what you bring to the table this year.

What’s the most worrisome part of the holiday gathering? RITAS thinks that people need to put the worry aside and stop apologizing. All that stress isn’t making the holiday gathering happy, it is just stress. This year, just say, “Hold my Cran-Ber-RITA.”

Around the Thanksgiving holiday, the stress levels get a little higher. Beyond making the perfect turkey and tasty side dishes, it is the family dynamic that can cause people to shy away from heading home. Whether it is introducing your family to someone new or revealing an important part of your life, that holiday table can imply a whole different type of feast.

This year, to celebrate the return of the Cran-Ber-RITA, RITAS wants to make the holiday season a little less stressful. Just like the drink itself, the holidays can be a little sweet and tart. But, when the combination is just right, everyone can feel good about that holiday celebration.

“Whether it’s a conversation, a drink, or a person, you should never apologize for what you bring to the table,” said Chelsea Phillips, VP of Beyond Beer Brands at Anheuser Busch. “RITAS believes in this wholeheartedly, so we are removing travel as a barrier so our fans can take that leap and celebrate who they love with their family.”

Check out this video.

This video is part of the RITAS promotion to make this year’s holiday celebration a little more bearable. By using the hashtag #NeverApologize on Instagram, you could win a plane ticket home for your significant other for family dinner.

This promotion doesn’t mean that the family dinner will be Hallmark movie moment, but it could be less stressful for you and your partner. Isn’t that idea at least a start.

If you want to join this promotion, be check out RITAS on Instagram and read the rules here. Again, it might not be the perfect holiday, but that isn’t the point. It is a good reminder to just never apologize who you are and who you love.

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What do you think of this RITAS promotion? More importantly, are you going to pop open a Cran-Ber-RITA this holiday season?