Pringles Roasted Turkey crisps eliminate the Thanksgiving worry


Scared about cooking that Thanksgiving turkey? Pringles Roasted Turkey crisps bring all that classic flavor without the cooking hassle.

Thanksgiving is all about the delicious turkey dinner, but can that annual eating event come with a little too much stress? Pringles Roasted Turkey crisps want to take away the stress this holiday. Even if there is a turkey fail, you can still satisfy that tasty turkey flavor.

Have you ever noticed that Thanksgiving dinner can often be served with a side of cooking disaster? Of course, there’s the bird that wasn’t thawed, the oven that just doesn’t turn on or maybe the cook who forgot to clean the turkey. These stories are just a few of the many issues that tend to told around the dinner table.

Even a seasoned cook can have a Thanksgiving don’t story. Have you ever heard about the cook whose sister-in-law set her on fire in the kitchen? Fluffy sweater, gas stove and an “helpful” assistant can lead to a sweater on fire. Yes, it is a true story.

While this story might be humorous years, many years later, that particular Thanksgiving dinner was a little less festive. This year, Pringles wants everyone to have a good holiday meal. That is why it is offering Turkey Insurance.

The idea is rather simple. If everyone is craving roasted turkey flavor and the bird is ruined, what do you do? Starting on November 27, “fans living in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles can Tweet out their past or present horror stories using #Pringles #TurkeyInsuranceEntry for a chance to get a delivery from Pringles.”

Sure, a plate of Pringles might not be exactly the same as a big turkey dinner, but it will be a Thanksgiving to remember. Plus, you remove the stress from the holiday event. Shouldn’t the holiday be about sharing time together around the table, not just the food?

Thanks Pringles roasted turkey crisps for the reminder that Thanksgiving fails don’t have to ruin the whole holiday. Why not have a container in the pantry, just in case.

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