This holiday season put a little mischief in the merry


During the holiday season, celebrations don’t always have to be serious. Universal Orlando Resort encourages everyone to put a little mischief in the merry.

While Florida might not be covered in snow, Universal Orlando Resort is a wonderful place to celebrate the holiday season. From the Wizarding World to the Mannheim Steamroller concerts to the Holiday Parade featuring Macy’s, there are some traditional influences on the holiday celebrations. Still, Universal Orlando shines when it puts a little mischief in the merry.

As more and more people starting focusing on the holiday experience instead of the holiday “stuff,” a holiday visit to your favorite theme park is becoming more and more popular. Even though theme parks are an epic experience throughout the year, the holiday season seems to heighten the enjoyment. From the decorations to the shows, everything seems just a tough bigger, brighter and bolder.

When it comes to holidays at Universal Orlando Resort, the idea of putting a little mischief in the merry seems to weave its way into many celebrations. Instead of being staunch or old school, the holiday season takes characters, traditions and memories and adds a touch of playfulness.

In a way, that nuance makes the holiday season even more festive for all ages. As kids get older, they might not want to take that picture with jolly Santa. Those matching holiday outfits are met with a look of utter annoyance. They want a moment to express themselves, yet still join in on the holiday fun.

Whether it is the mischief in the merry or holiday like this, everyone is encouraged to embrace that desire to celebrate the holidays unapologetically. Whether you want to wear that Christmas sweater that might not be Santa approved or you want to eat all the holiday treats, at Universal Orlando Resort, you can and everyone celebrates it.

Even the holiday treats take that merry mischief to another level. While the Grinch-mas show delights guests, the Grinch-themed treats are too tempting to pass by. The adorable cupcakes might make you rethink that plate of cookies for Santa this year.

Still, the celebration is just about the desserts, the holiday cocktails get a spirited twist. The cranberry margarita could be the cocktail that try to recreate all season long. Again, Universal Orlando shows that it isn’t just about being different, it is about finding the way to blend the traditional with the unexpected.

Around every corner, there is a reminder that holiday celebrations are about making them unique, personal and special. If everyone’s holiday card looked the same, life would be mundane. The best part of the holiday season is making memories, creating traditions and expressing your version of merriment.

If you are ready to put a little mischief in your merry, Universal Orlando Resort and its holiday season celebration is ready for you.

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What is your favorite theme park holiday celebration? Are you focusing on holiday experiences versus stuff this year?