Chocolate lovers agree, Universal Orlando Resort has the best chocolate desserts


A visit to Universal Orlando always comes with a few sweet treats. These best Universal Orlando Resort chocolate desserts will have you forgetting all the calories in each forkful.

Finding the best Universal Orlando Resort chocolate desserts is definitely a delicious experience. From foodies to theme park fans, a trip to Universal Orlando always involves some tasty treats.

While Butterbeer always tops everyone’s must eat list, there are many other sweet bites that need to be tried.  From candies to the Today Cafe, there are no shortage of desserts all around the theme parks, City Walk and resort hotels.

Since chocolate is usually a dessert lovers’ top choice, there are many chocolate desserts that will temp even the person with the most ardent will power. From frozen delights to luscious cakes, the many choices could have you eating dessert at every meal.

Here’s FoodSided’s picks for best chocolate desserts at Universal Orlando Resort.

Strong Water Tavern chocolate cake, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Mexican Spice Chocolate Cake – Strong Water Tavern, Sapphire Falls Resort

While cocktail fans love Strong Water Tavern inside the Sapphire Falls Resort, the Mexican Spice Chocolate Cake is a perfect excuse to stop by for late night dessert with that cocktail. A touch of heat makes this chocolate cake burst with flavor. Never overpowering, this cake is a perfect example why a little heat makes chocolate even more divine.

Chocolate Lava cake at Volcano Bay, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Chocolate Lava Cake at Universal’s Volcano Bay: Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club

While many people have to have the colorful ice cream cone at Volcano Bay, the water park’s chocolate lava cake is definitely a great dessert option. While lava cake is a classic dessert, this version just seems to taste better in the shadows of the volcano. Plus, all that swimming will make you feel less guilty about having an extra bite.

Dirt at Voodoo Doughnut, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Dirt at Voodoo Doughnut

Everyone knows that Voodoo Doughnuts aren’t just for breakfast. These decadent doughnuts have fans lining up at all hours of the day to have one or a dozen. Dirt is a great option for chocolate lovers. The raised yeast doughnut is covered with Oreo crumbles. Luckily that vanilla frosting offers a little contrast to the chocolate goodness.

Tuxedo Cheesecake at Hard Rock, Universal Orlando Resort

Sometimes a cheesecake is even tastier when it is combined with a touch of chocolate. This layered cheesecake is definitely worth every calorie. It is rich and luscious. Whether you eat a whole, composed bite or prefer to taste a layer at a time, this tuxedo cheesecake will fill your dessert dreams.

Coca Cola Chocolate Cake at Cabana Bay, Universal Orlando Resort, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Coca Cola Chocolate Cake at Cabana Bay Beach Resort at Galaxy Bowl

Sometimes a secret ingredient can transform a classic dessert. The Coca Cola Chocolate Cake at Cabana Bay is one of those desserts. The soda adds a touch of lightness to the cake’s texture. It might make you rethink grandma’s chocolate cake recipe.

Chocolate sundae at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium at Universal Orlando Resort, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Chocolate Brownie Sundae at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

Toothsome Chocolate Emporium is the chocolate lovers’ ultimate destination. Chocolate infuses all types of dishes, both sweet and savory. Still, many people purposefully make a stop here just for all the decadent desserts.

While the milkshakes might be a two person dessert, the sundaes are definitely shareable for the whole table. If you are a chocolate lover there are all types of choices. From brownie to hazelnut, there is definitely a dessert that will make you smile. Too bad there isn’t a sampler plate – or maybe bring a big group of friends to share all the deliciousness.

If you are a chocolate lover, don’t miss these best Universal Orlando Resort chocolate desserts. Don’t worry, calories never count when you’re at a theme park.

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