Food Network finds holiday entertaining is an expression of gratitude


Over the years, Food Network has been the home cook’s resource, especially when it comes to holiday entertaining. As the holiday season begins, the key to a successful gathering can be simple.

Are you getting ready for holiday entertaining? After the Thanksgiving feast, the holiday parties become the main focus. Since the Food Network, both via the new app and on screen, is a great resource for all things food and entertaining, it makes sense that people will turn to it again this year.

To help ease the stress surrounding the entertaining season, Food Network surveyed people about their holiday entertaining habits. The biggest takeaway from that study showed that these holiday celebrations are an expression of gratitude.

While the host wants everything to be perfect, the event is more than just food on a table and drinks in a glass. That gathering is a celebration of another year of having those people in your lives. Even while the food brings people together, the celebration is about gratitude.

According to Michelle Buffardi, Vice President of Digital Editorial for Food Network, Cooking Channel and, “hosts and their guests are always looking for new ways to bring joy to gatherings by creating crowd-pleasing treats, but it can be difficult to manage time constraints and varying preferences.”

Since holiday entertaining celebrates the gathering, Food Network found that hosts are willing to accept help from their guests. Whether it is getting people to help prep food or putting together a cooking team, the kitchen is the center of the action. In a way, the more hands helping adds to the merriment.

Additionally, have you ever noticed that everyone tends to “bring” something to a holiday gathering. While it might be a bottle of wine or box of chocolates, the host can use that nod of hospitality to her advantage.

If you know that a guest wants to bring something, why not make a suggestion for what they bring. While you shouldn’t be too specific (sorry you can provide them with a recipe), you can give some direction. Options like an appetizer or a dessert would be a great idea.

In some ways, that “brought” dish could be add to the holiday merriment. As more people explore foods and flavors, family recipes can get a little update. Whether it is someone’s holiday tradition or a new experiment from the Food Network app, a little something special can make the celebration even more special.

Still, no matter is the food is 5-star or Pinterest fail, the event will be a success when everyone enjoys each other’s company. No matter what is served the memories will last much longer than any dish on the buffet table.

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What is your best holiday entertaining tip? How will you be expressing your gratitude this holiday season?