Buffalo Wild Wings offers new boneless chicken wing


Need another reason to watch a game at Buffalo Wild Wings? The new boneless chicken wing could enhance your favorite wing sauce.

Ready to rediscover a Buffalo Wild Wings boneless chicken wing? America’s sports bar is enticing sports fans and chicken wing fans to make another visit. For the first time in 16 years, the brand has a new boneless chicken wing. Ready to take a taste?

The new boneless chicken wing features “30 percent less breading and a larger marinated piece of chicken.” This idea means there’s more chicken in each bite. Who doesn’t want more chicken in the boneless wing?

As consumers become more conscious on the food that they eat, they are looking for ways to reduce the breading in a boneless chicken wing. From a dry rub to a favorite sauce, less breading means both the flavor of the chicken and the flavor of the seasoning come through.

In addition to the change in boneless chicken wing recipe, Buffalo Wild Wings is adding Original Buffalo Sauce. After the successful limited-edition sauces, like the BMF and the Jammin’ Jalapeno, BWW is going back to chicken wing roots.

Original Buffalo Sauce is a chicken wing classic. While consumers have sought to bring all types of global flavors, creative combinations and extreme heat to the table, the classics never go out of style. It is time to rediscover why a classic is always tasty.

A traditional Buffalo Sauce has a stronger vinegar taste. While the heat is present, the flavor is bold and still approachable. Whether eaten on its own or dipped in a cooling sauce, that classic Buffalo flavor is lip smacking good.

The new boneless chicken wing and Original Buffalo sauce is available at Buffalo Wild Wings sports bars nationwide.

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What do you think of these new changes at BWW? Will you be watching a game at America’s sports bar this weekend?