Parents let the kids have a second helping of these Frozen 2 desserts


When the kids are begging for a sweet treats, these Frozen 2 desserts are definitely parent approved. Yes, you can even have a second helping.

As excitement grows for Frozen 2, Dole continues its Powering the Hero Within campaign with the newest Disney film. These Frozen 2 desserts will delight both kids and parents. If there was ever a reason to say yes to dessert, these tasty treats top the list.

Parents are always encouraging kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. While parents understand the importance of good nutrition, kids often want less healthy options. Still, parents find ways to entice kids to enjoy the bounty of goodness that fruits and vegetables offer.

One of the easiest ways to encourage kids to eat more nutritiously is to make recipes fun. Whether it is incorporating a favorite film, like Frozen 2, or cute designs, fun food is always enticing.

As part of the Powering the Hero Within campaign, Dole has created several Frozen 2 desserts that both kids and adults will love. Each dessert is visually impressive and tasty. More importantly, the dessert is packed full of good nutrition. Parents might even encourage the kids to have another helping.

Here are FoodSided’s favorite Frozen 2 desserts that we can’t stop making and eating.

Dole Icicles, photo provided by Dole

Dole Icicles

This recipe is super simple and the kids can help make them. Basically, it is bananas covered in coconut flakes and blueberries. With a drizzle of chocolate and served on a stick, this dessert always brings smiles to everyone’s face.

Frozen Banana Split Cups

Who doesn’t love a banana split? Sometimes, that frozen treat isn’t convenient or it can be messy. This recipe combines those classic flavors in a more convenient format. Plus, with the extra fruit, everyone will feel less guilty about having a second helping.

Dole Berry Banana Snow Flurry, photo provided by Dole

Banana Berry Snow Flurry

Smoothies are tasty for breakfast, but this Banana Berry Snow Flurry is quite refreshing for dessert. With a touch of sweetness, the kids will love eating all that fruity goodness. Yes, it is even ok to have a second helping.

Kristoff Ice Box Cupcakes

Sometimes baking isn’t convenient. These Kristoff Ice Box Cupcakes are super easy and packed with fruit. Strawberries, bananas and whipped topping are combined with graham crackers. It is the perfect combination of flavors and textures.

These Frozen 2 desserts are just a few of the many Frozen 2 recipes available from Dole. All the recipes are packed with lots of fruits and vegetables. More importantly, each recipe is quite tasty.

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Are you excited to watch Frozen 2? More importantly, which of these dessert recipes will you make this weekend?