Alfonso Ribeiro and Jerry O’Connell spark recipe creativity with Bob Evans


Alfonso Ribeiro and Jerry O’Connell have a few tricks to make dinner even tastier. With Bob Evans Farm sides, any meal can spark creativity.

As the holidays take over, Bob Evans Farms understands that everyone could use a little assistance with getting food on the table. With the help of Alfonso Ribeiro and Jerry O’Connell, these tasty side dishes can spark even some recipe creativity in the kitchen.

Sometimes creating the perfect meal can be difficult. While so many people want to cook from scratch, any good cook understands that a little help can go a long way. The home cook can get a helping hand from the tastiness that is Bob Evans Farms prepared side dishes.

The Bob Evans understands the side dishes are just as important as the main dish. In some ways, the compliment to the meal can sometimes be the star of the table.

To remind everyone that a little help from the experts can make any meal more enjoyable, the brand asked Alfonso Ribeiro and Jerry O’Connell to show how these prepared foods are totally craveable.

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As everyone gets excited about the holiday season and all the holiday foods, Alfonso and Jerry took a few minutes out of their busy schedules to speak with FoodSided about Bob Evans prepared foods, a few tips for holiday entertaining and share a recipe that is so easy and tasty that everyone will want to try.

During the holiday season, everyone wants to have that perfect event. As the host, there can be a lot of pressure. Both Alfonso and Jerry commented that Bob Evans dishes can reduce some of the stress on the host.

As Jerry said, using one of these side dishes basically makes the host’s life easier. Now, the host can spend more time with family versus being stuck in the kitchen.

Alfonso emphasized that these side dishes emphasized that quick and easy can still be tasteful and good. There is no sacrificing on flavor. Getting a little helping hand can be the perfect solution for any home cook.

While many people have a traditional holiday food, Alfonso commented that these Bob Evans side dishes can put the focus on what’s important to the family. If grandma’s stuffing needs the most attention, let Bob Evans take over the mashed potatoes. In some ways, the holiday dinners are all about the give and take.

Additionally, Alfonso and Jerry shared recipes that show these prepared side dishes can inspire some recipe creativity in the kitchen. With a few twists and tricks, anyone can create some tasty treats.

For example, Alfonso share this amazing recipe for samosas using Bob Evans Mashed Potatoes.

This appetizer offers the comforting goodness of mashed potatoes in a slightly un-traditional format. Using the prepared mashed potatoes makes the appetizer extremely easy to make.

This recipe could become the star of your holiday feast. It introduces guests to a new flavor but doesn’t stray too far from the traditional holiday foods.

Alfonso commented that mashed potatoes are always a favorite on his holiday table. Still, this twist on the traditional keeps the meal from becoming predictable. In some ways, this recipe could be the spark for any home cook to step out of her comfort zone.

In a similar light, Jerry shared his pumped up mac and cheese recipe. Jerry admitted that he thinks the prepared mac and cheese tastes better than a dish he makes from scratch. Since his family loves having mac and cheese often, a little twist on the same dish keeps it interesting.

Check out this version of the Ultimate Holiday Mac and Cheese.

Since the prepared mac and cheese is already quite tasty, the additional flavors and ingredients only boost the dish. Whether you prefer spice, herbs or just a little added texture, there are numerous ways that this dish can be customized.

With the holiday festivities under way, both Alfonso and Jerry are looking forward to celebrating with family and friends. Jerry must have some type of mac and cheese on the table, since it isn’t just a holiday tradition, but also a staple in his family’s diet.

Alfonso is focusing on the traditional turkey. He recommended cooking the turkey breast side down. This method allows all the juices to flavor the turkey breast and keeps it super moist. Although FoodSided hasn’t tried this method, it sounds like a turkey hack that we need to explore. Also, Alfonso mentioned that mashed potatoes must be a featured side dish.

With the holiday season here, any home cook should take some easy advice from Bob Evans, Alfonso Ribiero and Jerry O’Connell. A little help in the kitchen can go a long way to making the holidays even more enjoyable. Why not keep a couple of containers of these prepared side dishes in your refrigerator. It might be the best kept holiday secret around.

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What is your best holiday cooking secret? Do you use prepared side dishes to take the stress out of holiday cooking?