Beer lovers will hang this Busch Beer Cooler Stocking by the chimney with care


Christmas morning will be a little cooler this year. The Busch Beer Cooler Stocking is the ultimate stocking stuffer that any beer fan will love.

Looking for a great beer fan stocking stuffer? The Busch Beer Cooler Stocking could be the useable holiday gift this year. Just make sure to hang this stocking by the fire with extra care.

Everyone knows that a warm beer is not the best tasting beer. When you crack open an ice, cold beer that first sip is just so satisfying. It can even make that early Christmas morning seem just a little more merry.

As the kids get excited about the latest toy that Santa brought, parents might delight with this Busch Beer Cooler Stocking that Santa left for their ultimate holiday cheer. The special stocking was created to hold 12, 12-ounce Busch Beer cans. Can you hear the cans opening now?

According to Daniel Blake, Senior Director of Marketing at Anheuser-Busch, “For us and our fans, it’s all about bringing the cheer along with the beer. Now you can give a gift that will not only look great on the fireplace, but also keep your Busch Beer ice cold.”

Through the holiday season there are a variety of foodie gifts that could end up under the tree or in the Christmas stocking. While the beef jerky candle might get a good laugh, the practicality of that gift is limited.

With this Busch Beer Cooler Stocking, there is a good use for it. Everyone wants cold beer. Why didn’t someone think of this beer stocking before?

If you prefer to wear your love of Busch Beer on your sleeve, the Busch holiday shop has a variety of gifts for the beer fans. From vintage tees to hats, you can add a few more items to that beer themed holiday gift.

The Busch Beer Cooler Stocking will sell out quickly. It is available now at for just $20. At that price, you could get a pair for the holidays.

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Are you going to hand a Busch Beer Cooler Stocking this year? What is your best gift suggestion for the beer fan in your life?