KFC holiday buckets help Colonel Santa spread holiday cheer


Colonel Santa thinks that this year’s KFC holiday buckets will be the festive way to celebrate the holiday season. Are you ready for some fried chicken holiday cheer?

While everyone has a holiday tradition, KFC holiday buckets have been part of KFC’s history for over 40 years. Since the 1970s, the holiday tradition has brought smiles to many people’s faces. This year, those holiday buckets have an even more special meaning.

For the first time, KFC has original illustration buckets for the holidays. Nicholas John Frith, the award-winning children’s book author and illustrator has created these holiday inspired designs. While this scene isn’t necessarily a classic tale, it is a Kentucky Fried holiday.

Featured in the design is Colonel Santa. The image is another version on Colonel Sanders. Reimagining the infamous Colonel has been a long-standing tradition at KFC. Santa might be one of the biggest celebrities taking over the role.

While the KFC holiday buckets are quite festive, there is another reason to celebrate with those 11 herbs and spices this holiday season. KFC will be giving away KFC’s 11 Kentucky Fried gifts. These holiday gifts are hidden within the holiday bucket design.

Now, everyone might want to get their hands on these special KFC gifts, but only a few will win the special gifts. For a chance to win one, take a picture of your favorite element from the limited-edition holiday buckets and share on Instagram using #SecretSanders and #Entry.

KFC Holiday Gifts, photo provided by KFC

What could you win? FoodSided doesn’t want to spoil all the fun. Still, these special Kentucky Fried gifts could make you the envy of all your friends. While it might not be last year’s yule log, these gifts are pretty fun. They could even be finger licking good.

No matter what everyone will feel the holiday cheer with the limited-edition KFC holiday buckets. Plus, grabbing some fried chicken can be the quick, tasty solution to help during those chaotic holiday moments. Doesn’t everyone really need a little help during the holidays?

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Are you going to the heading to KFC this holiday season? What are you most excited about this holiday season?