Stella Artois encourages everyone to be a little more neighborly


During the holiday season, it is the perfect time to be a little more neighborly. Stella Artois is encouraging everyone to toast the season with your neighbor.

Cracking open a cold Stella Artois and sipping it from its iconic chalice is a delightful way to spend an evening. While many people share that tasty beer with friends, couldn’t that beer spark a conservation with your neighbor.

This holiday season, Stella Artois is encouraging people to get to know their neighbors. So often, everyone is busy and in their own world. From ordering everything we need online to over-encompassing work schedules, people often don’t venture beyond a finite circle.

According to PEW Research, the majority of Americans only know “some” of their neighbors. While people might be comfortable texting or swiping on complete strangers, that face to face interaction is often overlooked.

That person who lives down the street or in the same apartment complex might be a complete stranger to you. While it might not be intentional, those people who live closest to us might go unnoticed. Isn’t it time to open our world to some of the people who are part of our world?

Check out this video from Stella Artois.

The idea of Stella Neighbors is simple. Sure, the adorable red sweater two-pack is the perfect excuse to make this situation happen. It is a definitely an easy way to bring some holiday cheer this season.

Still, everyone can join in this Stella Neighbors concept, even if you don’t have a red sweater two-pack. Why not leave a note on the beer with a note saying, the opener to this beer is at Apt 2C. Let’s open a conversation to be neighborly.

Even if that statement is a little cheesy, the concept is there. That person who lives down the hall might have more in common with you than your work family that comprises 12 hours of your day. But, if you never have that initial conversation, you will never know.

While this idea is to get to know people that you have never met, another idea can come from this Stella Neighbors concept. It can be the perfect way to apologize for that un-neighborly incident from earlier in the year.

With the New Year approaching, that cold beer can be the way to mend fends. Sure, you might have fought over your dog’s excited behavior, but isn’t it time to make things right. A good beer can be the start to a better neighborly relationship.

Whether you take a Stella Artois to a neighbor you don’t know, someone you want to mend fences or even bring it to a friend you haven’t connected with in a while, the bigger concept is clear. It is time to get off that device and connect, in real life, with the people around you. Yes, a beer can help you do that.

This holiday season make a commitment to bring people together. Stella Artois can be the spark that makes people’s lives merry and bright long into the New Year.

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Do you know your neighbors? Who will toast a Stella Artois with you?