Thanksgiving turkey troubles – help is at your fingertips


Even with just hours remaining before the big feast, Thanksgiving turkey troubles don’t have to ruin the ultimate eating holiday.

Are you having Thanksgiving turkey troubles? From novice cooks to even seasoned chefs, the annual ultimate eating holiday doesn’t have to be ruined. This year, all the answers to you burning questions are at your fingertips.

From questions about washing a turkey to the panic over getting the turkey cooked fully, everyone has a concern on Thanksgiving. While you might want to ask mom, that moment of embarrassment can keep you hiding in the kitchen. Luckily, there are a few friendly voices to help bring that moment of calm.

The most well-known Thanksgiving helpers is the Butterball Turkey Talk Line. Staffed by very knowledgeable helpers, these knowledgeable people haven’t heard anything too outrageous, unlikely or just plain funny. Even if you try to stump these people, they will have a calm, reasonable response to those turkey troubles.

This year, the Butterball Turkey Talk Line is even available via Alexa. Just ask your favorite Amazon helper and she will happily put you in the right direction.

For a more step-by-step approach, the Food Network Kitchen App is definitely a must have. While there might not be a live chef class on Thanksgiving morning, the library of cooking demos and programs will have you feeling like a real chef.

From cooking techniques to kitchen hacks, there are many lessons to be learned by the Food Network chefs. While you might not necessarily be the next Bobby Flay, you will be more confident in the kitchen.

Lastly, FoodSided has two recommendations if you are panicking about getting and suffering from Thanksgiving turkey troubles. First, spatchcock turkey is a great way to get a turkey to cook quickly.

Basically this way of cooking a turkey (or poultry) flattens the bird. Since there is more surface space, the

turkey will cook more quickly. Whether you use the Food Network app or another video site, the method is easy to learn.

Also, if you are just serving a turkey breast, you can use your air fryer to quickly cook that turkey. Butterball recommended this method and it really works. Plus, the turkey skin comes out very crispy.

In the end, a Thanksgiving meal is more about sharing the dinner with friends and family. The conversation around the table will always be more memorable than the food (even if there is a big mistake).

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Do you have a last-minute Thanksgiving tip to share? Happy Thanksgiving to all!