Baton Rouge Tailgating at LSU is the ultimate tailgating experience


From football fans to food lovers, Baton Rouge Tailgating at LSU needs to top the bucket list food and sports experience. Are you ready to eat and cheer?

For many people football is life. The Baton Rouge Tailgating experience at LSU is the biggest celebration of football and food in the nation. Have you ever joined this weekend activity?

Many football teams, both professional and college, hold tailgating experiences prior to the game. While everyone has their special traditions, some places go bigger and bolder than others. LSU, Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, is definitely the bigger, bolder option.

Known as the self-proclaimed tailgating capital of the world, the pre-game festivities are as important as the final score at the end of the game. According to Visit Baton Rouge, Tiger Stadium transforms into the 3rd largest city in Louisiana.

With up to 400,000 people celebrating people, food and football, this seasonal experience is more than just a sporting event. Some people even head to the area just for tailgating.

For many people LSU football is life. LSU Tiger Stadium is the 4th largest on-campus stadium in the country. While people return to their alma mater, the college town welcomes everyone to these food and football celebrations. Even if you aren’t a diehard football fan, foodies are flocking to the area for the delicious food.

When many people think about tailgating food, brats or hamburgers are the typical fare. In Baton Rouge, the dishes are quite different. Drawing inspiration from Cajun and Creole cuisine, these dishes are bursting with flavor.

LSU Tailgating, photo provided by Visit Baton Rouge

From the andouille gumbo that slowly simmers to Gator-on-Stick, these dishes blend the traditional and the unusual. These dishes highligh both local ingredients and favorite flavors of the area.

One dish that every foodie must try is the cochon de lait, a whole roasted pig. This item is usually made in “Cajun microwaves.” While most people don’t have this device in the kitchen, it is a “charcoal Dutch oven made from Louisiana cypress trees.” This Baton Rouge version of low and slow cooking is definitely a must have.

Of course, all that tasty food needs refreshing beverage. Luckily, beer, like Abita,  is flowing from many taps. Even a few RVs have their own tappers built-in to have a draft ready for toasting another LSU victory.

The Baton Rouge Tailgating Experience shows how food and sports are a winning pair. While the game is important for the overall statistics, that food experience brings people together. That plate is a vehicle to spark a conversation, share a memory and maybe create a new fan.

Even if you aren’t a LSU alum or fan, a visit to the Baton Rouge Tailgating experience is a must for foodies. This tailgating lifestyle deserved its self-proclaimed declaration of best in the world.

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Have you been to the Baton Rouge Tailgating Experience? What is the best tailgating experience that you’ve had?