Sweets and Sounds Dessert Party, Universal Orlando brings sweetest merriment


If you are ready to holiday like this, the Sweets and Sounds Dessert Party at Universal Orlando is definitely part of the tasty holiday to-do list.

A trip to Universal Orlando during the holidays is magical and a little mischievous. The Sweets and Sounds Dessert Party is a tasty part of that holiday celebration. From the delicious delights to the holiday merriment, this special event is perfect for the whole family.

Available on select nights through December 15, this Universal Studios dessert party is a perfect way to end a day at Universal Orlando. As guests enter Café La Bamba, adults are greeted with a glass of sparkling wine and younger friends are entranced with the make your own hot chocolate bar. The holiday cheer is apparent at every turn.

After enjoying a little refreshment, guests can enjoy a wide array of treats. From savory items, like a cheese plate, hummus and even some fruit (Santa encourages a little balanced eating during the holidays, these choices are the perfect light meal.

Since this event is a dessert party, the sweet treats definitely steal the show. One item that was quite surprising is the white chocolate covered Twinkie. The little kid in everyone will smile at this twist on a classic.

Beverages at Sweets and Sounds Dessert Party at Universal Orlando Resort, photo by Cristine Struble

Universal Orlando’s culinary team offers a wide array of amazing dessert choices. Each one is made with utmost care and the flavors balance both traditional and whimsical. That combination definitely fits with the concept of the holiday theme of “mischief in the merry.”

While everyone should take a bite of each and every dessert, a few desserts definitely need a spot on the plate. First, the macarons are divine. Available in two flavors, the half-dipped macaron is light, yet has a touch of the holiday season. Too bad there isn’t a way to bring these macarons to the office holiday party.

Another highlight is the traditional Italian rainbow cookie cake. With a touch of jam in between each layer and chocolate shavings on top, this cake will transport you to New York’s Little Italy. Since the bites are small, you won’t feel too guilty about taking a second (or third) helping.

For a slightly more decadent option, the two types of cheesecake bites will satisfy even the biggest sweet tooth. The peppermint version is more of the flavor of the season, while the cookies and cream is more traditional. Given the richness of these two desserts, you might only want to sample one of each.

Also, there are some lighter fare desserts. From chocolate covered strawberries to a fruit tart, these brighter flavored options provide a nice balance to the richer choices. Not all desserts have to be over the top.

One of the best parts about booking the Sweets and Sounds Dessert Party is the perfect viewing area for the Universal’s Holiday Parade featuring Macy’s. As the Macy’s balloons, floats and performers leave the backstage area, everyone gets a perfect view. Plus, you might even get a little confetti souvenir in your hair to take home.

The sounds aren’t just from Universal’s Holiday Parade featuring Macy’s. This dessert party includes an exclusive viewing area for the Mannheim Steamroller concert. Sittingt up close to the stage, guests will delight in the classic holiday music from the iconic group.

As you sit back and listen to the holiday music, the party continues with refreshments available from a private bar. Whether you toast to the holidays with sparkling wine or prefer something more all-ages friendly, the holiday concert is even more festive.

The Sweets and Sounds Dessert Party at Universal Orlando is available December 1, 7, 8, 14, 15 2019. Tickets are $49.99 for adults and $29.99 for children ages 3-9. (taxes not included).

If you are looking to add an extra dash of sweetness to your Universal Orlando holiday experience, don’t miss your chance to enjoy the Sweets and Sounds Desserts Party. Even the Grinch would approve of this holiday experience.

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What is your favorite Universal Orlando holiday event? What is your must eat holiday treat?