The holidays are getting bubbly with bubly and Bublé


It is time to crack a smile and get bubbly this holiday season. Bublé and bubly have teamed up for the season and everyone is feeling more festive.

The iconic voice of Michael Bublé usually fills the holiday channels. Now the popular crooner is teaming up with this favorite bubly sparkling water, again. Is this holiday season going to be filled with smiles?

Last year during the Super Bowl, the sparkling water company teamed with Bublé on a funny commercial. For the holiday season, the pair are back at it. With some festive holiday songs and a few tasty beverages, everyone will be feeling merry and bright.

Check out the commercial.

While the quick spot is cute, there are two important ideas from this commercial. First, bubly always brings a smile. From the design on the can to the fun sayings on the tabs, the beverage wants everyone to feel good when cracking one open.

Second, this sparkling water is a must during the holiday season. Some people prefer to stay away from potent cocktails during holiday parties. A flavored sparkling water can be delightful on its own or used in a mocktail.

The versality of this beverage is huge. For example, a few cranberries added to a lemon flavored sparkling water makes for a bright, tart and refreshing sip. Or, a few slices of fresh oranges to the orange flavor brings the holiday citrus flavors forward.

Since some people are willing to indulge in a holiday cocktail, the bubly can be the touch of bubbles to lighten up a traditional holiday cocktail. From just a plain sparkling water floater to a touch of lime in a Cuba Libre, there are numerous ways to brighten up any holiday libation.

Truthfully, bubly should always in the refrigerator and on the pantry shelf during the holiday season. It is always a good choice.

Are you ready to crack a smile this holiday season? A can of bubly can make any occasion a little more merry and bright.

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What is your favorite bubly flavor? What is your favorite way to enjoy this sparkling water?