Best Super Bowl 53 commercials ranked: Where do your favorites fall?


The best Super Bowl 53 commercials are always a heated conversation. From celebrity cameos to meaningful messages, this year’s lineup is impressive.

Football or commercials? For many people, the best Super Bowl 53 commercials are more watchable than the game itself. Putting aside dynasties, botched calls and the other football related banter, the annual Super Bowl commercials turn the game into something more. It is a time for people to laugh, bicker and maybe even challenge their way of thinking.

To make a Super Bowl commercial memorable, it needs to resonate with a big group of people. More importantly, it cannot alienate a large segment either. Finding a universal appeal is helpful to give the commercial life beyond the big game, itself.

For example, look at the classic Mean Joe Green Coke ad. Today that old commercial resonates not only because it makes people smile, but there is also a universal truth to the moment. Who hasn’t had a moment with someone who has impacted her life?

Budweiser’s Super Bowl 53 commercial, photo provded by Budweiser

Since many (if not most) of Super Bowl 53 commercials were released prior to kickoff, it is easier to pick out a few favorites.

Here are FoodSided’s top picks in various categories.

Skittles Commercial: The Broadway Musical, photo provided by Skittles

Best non-commercial, commercial

Two brands had non-commercials during Super Bowl 53. Skittles and Tostitos took a different approach to the annual commercial bonanza. Both brands put their commercials dollars towards pre-game events.


The most ambitious pre-game commercial was Skittles. The creation of Skittles: The Musical was rather extreme. More importantly, this “commercial” seemed to make fun of itself. With songs that referenced advertising ruins everything, this “musical” had a little fun at expense of itself.

For Skittles, which has always tried to think a little out of the box, this idea was rather smart. More importantly, it was really well done. The songs are funny and it will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Will Tostitos Super Bowl Live Stream mesmerize chip and dip fanatics? photo provided by Tostitos


Tostitos, the official chip and dip of the NFL, took a different approach. For 53 hours straight, the brand offered a live stream of chips and dips. Fans were encouraged to live tweet during the experience.

To keep people engaged, various football personalities stopped by. From Barry Sanders to team mascots, everyone took part in the chip and dip fun.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Tostitos earned the official Guinness World Record for world’s longest live stream, but it was a fun way to promote its brand.

Celebrity cameos for the win

Many of the best Super Bowl 53 commercials had appearances by big name celebrities. Whether the celebrities played themselves or their iconic characters, these commercials strike a note of the familiar. That familiar always seems to appeal to many people.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois brought back Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude. While humor and familiarity are the first thought, the message behind is commercial is more important. Highlighting the brand’s “Pour It Forward” campaign, the idea is clear. If everyone switched their “usual” for a Stella, it would benefit a worthy cause,

This type of campaign appeals because it isn’t preachy. The message is clear but you laugh, which makes it more memorable. Plus, who can resist The Dude mispronouncing the beer name?

Mr. Peanut finally gets his PLANTERS Super Bowl ad, photo provided by PLANTERS


Planters hadn’t been in a Super Bowl commercial in over 100 years. For its debut, everyone knew about Alex Rodriquez and his appearance. The small cameo by Charlie Sheen was unexpected. It is unclear if this cameo was a reference to the iconic Major League. Still, the ad brings a little humor to the fast paced commercial.


Doritos has always been at the top of the Super Bowl commercials lists. For example, last year’s epic lip sync battle clearly was a winner. This year, the brand is taking that collaboration project to a new level.

Blending old school and new school, Doritos has two commercials that will have fans talking. Chance the Rapper appears in both ads. The longer, Backstreet Boys collaboration will definitely have some older crowds singing along.

The new teaser featuring Lionel Richie looks to be a fun spot. Who hasn’t had “Hello” stuck on repeat in their head?

Both of these spots incorporate the new Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho. With the tag line #NotItsHot is a perfect description of that addictive chip.

Avocados for Mexico is back with its annual campaign. This year the brand takes a twist on the classic dog show. Would you want the penalty cone?

Sure this commercial is a little silly, but it makes everyone laugh. From the cone of shame to the ability to do some tricks, it makes light of some universal moments. Maybe this commercial will get people to tune in from the Puppy Bowl.

Overall, this Super Bowl commercial works with the brand’s marketing concept. Avocados are always worth it. Maybe you have to work a little hard to get the delicious fruit, but it is worth the prize. After all, who doesn’t have a bowl of guacamole on the snack table during the Super Bowl?


For years, the Clydesdales were always part of the Super Bowl commercial round-up. Last year, the beloved, iconic horses weren’t in attendance. This year, they return with a very viable message.

From the image of the Dalmatian feeling the wind on his ears to the power of the Clydesdales powering through the fields, this commercial is definitely powerful.

Zoe Kravtiz in Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold commercial

Michelob Ultra

Featuring Zoe Kravitz, this commercial takes beer drinking to a new level. How often do you just drink, without thinking? Sometimes drinks, and food, need to be experienced. This commercial focuses on the experience.

It is the first time Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold has a Super Bowl commercial. Shot in autonomous sensory meridian response this commercial will surely have people talking.
Truthfully, the imagery is the perfect backdrop beer that is USDA certified organic.

[yellow tail] Wine celebrations Tastes Like Happy Super Bowl Commercials, photo provided by [yellow tail] wine

[yellow tail] wine

All of life’s moments deserved to be celebrated. From that quite moment watching the sun going down to just spending the afternoon with friends, those memories are equally as important as momentous occasions. [yellow tail] wine choose to focus on those ideas.

Featuring moments submitted by real [yellow tail] wine drinkers, this commercial is real and relatable. The theme is tastes like happy. Who hasn’t wanted to open a bottle of wine to celebrate any and every occasion?

The idea can go beyond this commercial. It is time to toast the good times, not just the giant memory markers. Even if your team isn’t in the Super Bowl or you didn’t win the football pool, uncork that bottle of wine and toast to the time spent together.

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What Super Bowl 53 commercials will be your favorite? Which ones should be added to this best of list?