Milano Cookies, who knew that they solve this sticky problem


Are you a fan of Milano Cookies? The iconic Pepperidge Farm cookie is always a tasty, sweet treat, but did you know that it solved this sticky problem.

Many people have a package of Milano Cookies in their pantry. Those distinctive Pepperidge Farm cookies have become legendary. Whether it is one cookie secretly eaten in the middle of the afternoon or an entire plate after dinner with a glass of milk, those classic cookies are always a tasty choice. But, did you know some of these interesting facts about those Pepperidge Farm cookies?

When Pepperidge Farm was looking to expand its cookie options, its founder, Margaret Rudkin, went in search of a distinctive cookie. Through her European travels, she explored flavors and styles of all types of cookies. But, this cookie may not have happened, unless this issue occurred.

Pepperidge Farm had a cookie, the Naples. This single wafer cookie had a rich, dark chocolate topping. Unfortunately, that dark chocolate sometimes caused the cookies to stick together in its packaging. So, the brand found a solution – the Milano Cookie.

By creating a sandwich style cookie, with the chocolate in the center, the cookies wouldn’t stick in the packaging. In a way, the new cookie was the perfect, tasty solution.

Today, Milano Cookies have 17 different core flavors. While the most popular flavors are Double Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Mint Chocolate, the brand is always looking to innovate.

Just recently, the new flavors of Irish Cream and Caramel Macchiato were launched. These flavors joined the 17 core flavors. Also, there are three seasonal flavors.

In many ways, these cookies are irresistible because of the flavors and textures. While the chocolate layer adds richness, the cookie, itself, is delicate. As you take a bite, the cookie crumbles in your mouth.

Although some people enjoy a glass of milk with these cookies, a cup of coffee (or a coffee cocktail) is the ultimate adult pairing. The combination of chocolate and coffee is always a delicious choice. If possible, try to sneak away from the kids to enjoy one of these sweet treats.

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Do you have a favorite Milano Cookie flavor? More importantly, how do you recommend enjoying some Milano Cookies?