Digiorno and Stouffer’s Lasagna go meatless, will you?


As plant-based foods take over store shelves, Digiorno and Stouffer’s Lasagna are the latest brands to embrace this food trend. Are you ready to convert yet?

The frozen food aisle is getting a plant-based food update. Digiorno and Stouffer’s Lasagna are two main stream brands that are adapting this food trend. While more consumers follow the flexitarian lifestyle, the newest product launch sets a precedent for other popular food brands. What other favorite foods will be getting a plant based food makeover?

Recently, Nestle announced that both Digiorno and Stouffer’s Lasagna would offer a plant-based food alternative. These meatless options will feature the Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds, which are part of the Nestle brands.

In the past year, the rise of the flexitarian lifestyle, as well as the influx of plant-based food options, has skyrocketed. According to Nestle USA, “nearly half (of consumers) have either integrated plant-based meat into their diet or would consider doing so long-term. Given that these plant-based foods have become more satisfying, consumers are willing to make the switch.”

Additionally, when the plant-based foods become more convenient, consumers are more willing to at least try the “buzzed about food” at least once. Add to that factor, seeing these options in popular products that consumers have come to trust, the willingness to try is even greater.

While both the Digiorno Rising Crust Meatless Supreme with Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds and Stouffer’s Meatless Lasagna with Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds will not hit store shelves till the Spring of 2020, these two product launches are smart for both Nestle and consumers. Although FoodSided has not sampled these products, it seems likely that many consumers may not know the difference in a blind taste test.

Stouffer’s new plant based protein lasagna, featuring Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds, photo provided by Nestle

When a plant-based food is done well, the average consumer should feel as satisfied eating this type of protein as a traditional protein. Given that the Sweet Earth Awesome Grounds will be incorporated into pizza and lasagna, the other ingredients and flavors will meld with the plant-based food. Taken as a complete bite, it seems unlikely that anyone would really notice a huge difference.

Although the “meat” has been swapped in these recipes, the new frozen foods are not vegan. It will be curious to see if consumers request the company to offer a new vegan option for either of these products. Any launch of that kind would take a very long time to hit store shelves.

If you would want to taste test either of these new meatless frozen foods, consumers can visit TryItMealess.com for a chance to try them in Spring 2020. More details are available on that website.

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What do you think of the new meatless Digiorno and Stouffer’s Lasagna offerings? Do you think that the plant-based food trend will slow down?