Ready for awesome? Sweet Earth launches its Awesome Burger and Grounds


An awesome plant based food is here. Sweet Earth is bringing its Awesome Burger and Grounds to a store near you, but are you ready to try it?

Plant based foods just got a little awesome-er. Sweet Earth has launched its plant based meat alternative. Will this awesome alternative drive consumer to make a switch?

From fast food to home cooking, plant based foods are taking over the plate. While there are numerous options available, the new option from Sweet Earth, a Nestle brand, looks to take on the other well-known competitors.

Sweet Earth is Nestle’s first foray into the plant based meat space. This product launch is smart because it includes both the Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds. While the burgers may be more common, the grounds open a lot of possibilities for home cooks.

While a burger can be broken into crumbles, the consistency isn’t necessarily the same. By offering crumbles, home cooks can make tacos, Shepard’s Pie and a myriad of other recipes. This offering sets this plant based food apart from other competitors.

Awesome Grounds, new Sweet Earth Foods plant based food, photo provided by Sweet Earth Foods,

Additionally, the Awesome Burger is made from yellow pea protein. This ingredient makes the burger higher in protein and fiber than other plant based food alternatives. More importantly, this burger contains zero-trans fat and cholesterol, which can be a concern with some plant based foods.

Since this burger was made in a kitchen, not a lab, the flavor and consistency can be different from other plant based food brands. The idea is that this burger focuses on good for you and good tasting.

Sweet Earth has been on a mission to cultivate a curious mind and palate. The idea is to consumers think as they eat. How and what people eat has an impact beyond just themselves. Plant based foods can deploy fewer resources and be better for the planet.

Given the popularity of this type of food, it doesn’t appear that plant based foods are just a food trend. They are becoming a part of the traditional food community. From your favorite fast food restaurant to even celebrity chefs, more and more people are ditching the meat, at least on occasion.

According to a study, millennials look for foods that assist healthier eating and focus on more plant based foods. But, the millennials aren’t the only people who are embracing these trends, which is why more and more companies are moving into the plant based food market.

While the Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds are the first plant based meat for Sweet Earth, it probably won’t be the last. The company is developing all types of new products for market.

The Awesome Burger and Awesome Grounds are launching this fall at various retailers. It should be available where other Sweet Earth foods are sold.

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Are you part of the plant based food movement? Would you try the Awesome Burger or Awesome Grounds?