KFC Firelog is back and those herbs and spices are making us hungry


Need an excuse to sit by the fire? The KFC Firelog is back this holiday season and you better grab one before it is gone.

What can make the holidays smell even better? The KFC Firelog, of course! KFC has brought back last year’s popular holiday gift. After selling out in three hours last year, KFC teamed with Walmart.com to get these hot holiday items into more people’s fireplaces. Can you smell those herbs and spices yet?

While some people might have thought that this idea was a joke, the Firelog is a real item. KFC partnered with Enviro-Log and Walmart.com to make it happen. Simply put this firelog into a fireplace or fire pit and enjoy.

In some ways, why shouldn’t the holidays smell like fried chicken. Who hasn’t made some cookies or cinnamon buns to make the house smell all warm and cozy? Some people prefer more savory aromas. Fried chicken is one of those aromas that can make your stomach growl.

Also, this KFC Firelog is a great conversation piece for your holiday entertaining. Who doesn’t want to have something a little different? While holiday food fashion is popping up everywhere, food isn’t just limited to what you wear or what is on the table. Food is taking over every aspect of people’s lives.

Lastly, the holiday season is always the time to have a little more fun. Just like the KFC holiday buckets and giveaways, people want to be festive this time of year. Whether you are binge watching Food Network or cheering for your favorite team, that KFC is there to make the season merry and bright.

If you want one of these KFC Firelogs, act quickly. They are available for $18.99 at KFCFirelogs.com, through a partnership with Walmart.com.

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Can you resist the aroma of those KFC 11 herbs and spices? Just remember to extinguish the fire before Santa comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve.