PepsiCo Greenhouse program looks to celebrate innovative ideas


While PepsiCo might be the company behind your favorite beverages and snacks, the company strives to do more, be better and celebrate innovative ideas.

PepsiCo Greenhouse program might not be on the tip of your tongue but the ideas that it fosters might soon be. In many cases, that beverage on the shelf, snacks in your bowl and food on the table is more than just good tasting product. The innovative minds behind some of those products are providing sustenance far beyond the reach of your fork.

In today’s society, consumers are not only savvy but they are also more informed. Many of today’s buying decisions are more than just focuses on need or want. With a vast amount of options on store shelves, the innovation and the thoughtfulness of the product often drives that buying decision.

PepsiCo Greenhouse looks to foster those forward thinkers through this program. In 2018, Texas-based Hapi Drinks was awarded this distinction. The sugar-free kids drink shined a light on childhood obesity in a way that raised awareness yet did not alienate the industry.

The program has returned. Now through January 6, 2020, start-ups can pitch their concepts at a chance to earn strategic mentoring as well as a cash prize. 10 organizations will be chosen and from those start-ups, one will be awarded a larger cash prize as well as the opportunity to work with Pepsi and enhance their growth potential.

Thinking about this initiative, the concept is extremely valuable not only for the start-ups but also for PepsiCo. Today’s business climate celebrates the innovator. While profits and return on investment is always a smart business decision, brands need to identify with the consumer.

When a company resonates with the buying public, it creates a loyal following. No longer are consumers just picking a beverage, snack or other item off a shelf because it is on sale or it is what is convenient. People want to support a brand because it has like-minded ideals. From women-centric companies to environmentally forwarded thinking brands, consumers are identifying with a lifestyle, not just a product.

It will be interesting to see which start-ups are part of the 2020 program. In a way, these companies could set the standard for larger brands in a few years. While trends might ebb and flow, smart, conscious businesses are here to stay.

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What do you think consumer brands should focus on for the New Year and beyond? Are there any companies that are making a positive difference in your choices?