Snacks are holiday favorites for more than just this one reason


With the holiday season in full effect, snacks are holiday favorites for many reasons. Beyond the snack bowl, how are people really using those tasty treats?

Are you filling the pantry with your favorite snacks for the holiday season? While certain foods are holiday favorites, those tasty treats aren’t just for the snack bowl. Is snacking transforming holiday traditions?

Frito-Lay and its wide variety snack brands know all about holiday snacking. In the recent U.S. Snack Index, Frito-Lay found all types of interesting snack facts. While some findings were expected, a few results might have you rethinking that plate of cookies for Santa.

If you haven’t seen the Frito-Lay holiday commercial featuring Anna Kendrick, the commercial touches on a few of the holiday snack findings. One in particular is using snacks as a craft project.

While many people use popcorn as garland or pretzels for a variety of crafting projects, those ideas aren’t the only holiday themed choices. The snack gingerbread house is quite delightful holiday décor option. Although, you might get your fingers a little dirty in this holiday tradition.

In many ways, a potato chip, pretzel or even Cheetos can make their way into some tasty holiday treats. From chocolate covered potato chips to the crust to a pie, a favorite snack isn’t limited to the snack bowl. With a little creativity, the snack uses are many.

Additionally, the study found that snacking is a key part to holiday celebrations. While many people might focus on the hot cocoa or the cookie, pretzels and popcorn are always around during the holiday season. In some ways, the season is the excuse to grab a handful or two while watching a movie or reconnecting with friends.

With snacks being so easy to prepare and serve, it seems like they go with everything. From a sweet and salty mix to feeling like a kid again, it can be difficult keeping that snack bowl filled throughout the holiday season.

Although not specifically stated in the study, there seems to be a connection between happiness and snacking. Whether it is feeling like a kid again or just trying to recapture that holiday memory, the connection between food and the holidays is clear.

As everyone gets into the holiday spirit, it can be a great time to make sure that the pantry is stocked with your favorite pretzels, popcorn and chips. Whether you like trending flavors or old favorites, that simple moment of enjoying an old favorite can be the smile that resonates all season long.

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Do you have any holiday snacking traditions? What holiday snacks do you have to have in the house this season?