Chipotle celebrates Farmer Friday and you should too


If you don’t have lunch or dinner plans, make a point to order some Chipotle. On Farmer Friday, entrees will help to support young farmers.

Many people crave a Chipotle burrito or bowl, but on Farmer Friday everyone should place an order a food order. With $1 of every online entree order helping young farmers, isn’t that reason cause to definitely eat at a burrito today?

Over the past couple of years, consumers are more concerned with knowing where and from whom their food comes from. While people might gladly shop at the weekly farmer’s market, there is more to knowing and supporting your farmer than those weekly sales. Without younger farmers joining the industry, knowing and supporting your farmer will become a thing of the past.

To help support the younger farming generation, Chipotle Mexican Grill announced its commitment to supporting the future of farming. Through the platform of Farmer Friday, this program looks not only to raise funds but also to educate the consumers about the plight of the farming community.

According to studies, “U.S. agriculture has lost over 40 times more farmers than it gained.” That number is disheartening. From incredible debt to industry plight, the farming industry is in decline. The lack of farms and farmers has wide reaching effects. Beyond the lack of fresh, real food, there are other environmental implications as well.

Although many people have adopted the flexitarian lifestyle, that plant-based eating choice should be reliant on the farmer and his crops. If the younger generation doesn’t step into to replace the aging farming generation, the U.S. farming industry will be forever.

Chipotle wants to both raise awareness and funds for the farmers’ plight. The most noticeable program will be Farmer Friday. On December 6, $1 of each entree purchased online or via the app will be donated to Seed Grants. Seed Grants is a program developed to assist young farmers.

In addition to this partnership with National Young Farmers Coalition and the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, Chipotle will bring the issue to the annual Rose Parade. It’s float, “Cultivate the Future of Farming” will help to raise funds. Every post using #farmers will cause a donation to the National Young Farmer’s Coalition.

It is time to think about how food arrives on the dinner table. Without the farmer, that salsa you love or the guacamole you crave might become a thing of the past. Although many people can engineer all types of gadgets, food is at its best when it is cultivated by a farmer.

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Are you going to order Chipotle today? Helping a farmer is a great reason to enjoy another burrito bowl.