Battle of the Big Ten Championship burgers, which burger earns the win?


As Wisconsin battles Ohio State for the Big 10 Championship, the Big Ten Championship burgers could determine the ultimate food champion.

Football and burgers are a winning combination. At the Big Ten Championship, the talented chef at Lucas Oil Stadium has created the ultimate burger battle for the championship football game. Could the battle of the burgers match the outcome on the field?

Centerplate, who develops the delicious food offerings at Lucas Oil Stadium, always tries to create something special for these bigger events. While many of their menu items go above and beyond, these two special burgers will surely get football fans excited about the big event.

Created by Chef Shimu Adem, Centerplate Executive Chef, these burgers reflect the two competing teams, Wisconsin and Ohio State.

“The Big Ten Championship is an exciting event football event for Indianapolis and for the entire Midwest, so we’ve created these fun new burgers to match the pageantry of the weekend. We will see which fan base performs better in this fun burger battle off the gridiron,” said Centerplate Executive Chef Shimu Adem.

The two burgers are Badger Burger and Buckeye Burger. While the name might be obvious, the flavors in each burger reflects the schools. Even if you aren’t pulling for either school, you might have a favorite burger.

The Badger Burger is described as “grilled patty topped with cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, caramelized onion and a homemade “Wiscy” sauce.” While a “Wiscy” sauce is sold on store shelves, the concept of a special sauce is smart. It should help to balance the richness of the cheese and bacon.

It would be interesting to see why the burger doesn’t necessarily have an extra textural element. While the caramelized onions are tasty, it would be nice to have a little extra crunch. Maybe some potato chips could really push it up to the next level.

The Buckeye Burger is described as “grilled patty topped with pepper jack cheese, sliced brisket, fried onion and barbecue sauce.” The extra brisket on this burger makes it quite indulgent. It will definitely be a hearty bite.

Additionally, the pepper jack cheese is a smart choice. The heat from the cheese should balance the other flavors. Plus, the fried onion sounds tasty.

While it is difficult to choose, FoodSided would probably pick the Badger Burger. Can you ever turn down a burger with bacon (and Wiscy sauce?)

The two Big 10 Championship burgers will be available in “sections 121, 132, 520, 547 and both East/West loge grill locations for $12 each.”

If you aren’t a burger fan, there are tons of other options available throughout Lucas Oil Stadium. From Hoosier Pot Roast to gourmet mac n’ cheese, there are many tasty choices.

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Which Big Ten Championship burger would get your vote? Or, who do you think will win the championship?