Holiday parties sparkle and shine with this must have item


As everyone prepares for all the holiday parties, there is one item that any and every party host should have on hand. Is it on your check list?

Holiday parties do not have to be a stressful event. While the host does have to plan food, beverages and the like, a few tips and tricks can make the event easier than you think. Plus, isn’t the event really about spreading some holiday cheer with family and friends?

When it comes to hosting a holiday party, it can be almost impossible to make everyone happy. While one person will only want keto friendly foods and another person will want plant-based, it can lead to frustration.

While variety can be helpful, one thing can make the party feel festive in no time, a sparkling wine. Sparkling one can be one of the most versatile beverages at a holiday party. There is something about those lively bubbles that just makes you feel happy.

Walking down the sparkling wine aisle can be overwhelming. From a classic French champagne to a Spanish cava to an American sparkling wine, the options can be more confusing than the craft beer aisle.

For many people, prosecco has become a popular sparkling wine option. The Italian sparkling wine is often characterized with fine bubbles. The bubbles are just enough to pop, but then fade. Overall, it is generally lighter than other sparkling wines.

Generally, prosecco offers fruit forward flavors. Never overly sweet, the flavors are delightful on their own or paired with a variety of food.

One prosecco that is always delightful is Ruffino Prosecco. This prosecco is crisp and delicate. With touches of citrus, apples and pears, on sip will bring you into the holiday cheer.

Whether paired with a pizza, seafood dinner or just drunk on its own, Ruffino Prosecco is definitely a bottle to have in the house, chilled and ready to go. It is definitely a must for any holiday party.

With such a versatile flavor and pairing options, the Ruffino Prosecco is holiday party must have that has become a tradition. From the welcoming toast to the last sip with dessert, this prosecco is always a party favorite.

While it is delightful on its own, the versatility of this sparkling wine adds to it being an essential. For example, a little prosecco floater on a cocktail can be perfection. From the touch of brightness to the bubbles, it can make a traditional cocktail a little more festive.

Additionally, the Ruffino Prosecco works amazing well in a punch. Punches can be a holiday party saver. By making one big batch, it can keep the party host enjoying the event instead of behind the bar.

Just remember, when making a punch, do not add ice to the punch bowl. It will water down the punch. Instead, keep an ice bucket beside the punch bowl and allow guests to add ice to their own glass.

If you are looking for a tasty punch that has delightful holiday flavors, this one from Ruffino Prosecco is delicious and always a party favorite. It is one that has graced a holiday party in this household. .

Here how to make Ruffino Prosecco Berry Punch.

"RUFFINO PROSECCO BERRY PUNCHIngredients:1½ parts Ruffino Prosecco1 part Ruby Porto1 part white tea¾ parts lemon juice½ part 100% cranberry juice½ part simple syrupLemon twistFresh cranberriesMethodCombine the ingredients except for the Ruffino Prosecco into a punch bowl. Stir and then add the prosecco. Lightly stir and garnish with a lemon twist and fresh cranberries."

This holiday party season remember the bottle of prosecco. It can add a touch of spark and shine to any event.

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