Best advent food calendars make for a tasty December


The holiday season is all about the extra indulgence. These best advent food calendars turn each day into another tasty treat.

Wondering why everyone is obsessed with best advent food calendars? Whether you want to pop open a bottle of wine, have a sweet treat or want to give your four-legged family member a special bite, advent food calendars are the tasty way to celebrate the season.

Advent calendars have come to celebrate the days leading up to Christmas versus the season of advent. While the tradition dates back to the 1900s, today all types of advent calendars are on store shelves. From revealing a small piece of chocolate or unveiling another bottle of wine, there are all types of options.

Even though Christmas is quickly approaching, advent food calendars or even 12 days of Christmas food calendars are still enticing foodies. In some cases, people cannot necessarily open the door and indulge on these particular treats every day. Sure, that bottle of wine might look tempting on Sunday night, but Monday morning often comes way too early.

Still, a few advent food calendars really peaked FoodSided’s interest this year. Jack Daniels offered a calendar with several of its whiskeys and short glasses. Truly had an advent calendar. Of course, Aldi had its wine calendar.

In many ways, these particular beverage advent calendars might be best enjoyed at a holiday party. Not too many people can drink wine, whiskey or other liquor every day for 24 days. It can be a little holiday over-indulgence.

While the traditional chocolate advent calendars are offered by many brands, the Pez 12 days of Christmas calendar is quite cute. Plus, those Pez dispensers are often the whole reason to buy Pez candies.

If you prefer something savory, there was a jerky calendar. Also, ManVent offered its variety of “man approved” snacks. There was even the 12 Curries of Christmas from the Spicery.

Of course, the four-legged family members weren’t left out either. The Bark the Halls dog treat calendar by Bosco and Roxy was a huge hit. Wonder if it was Dog of the Day approved?

It seems that more and more companies are offering an advent food calendar. Even if your favorite advent calendar was sold out, you could make your own. Simply buy a kit and fill it with your favorite treats.

It can be a great way to sample new foods or rediscover an old favorite. Even if you don’t enjoy the “treat” every day, just unveiling that treat behind the door can bring a little extra happiness this holiday season.

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What you think are the best advent food calendars?  Did you purchase an advent food calendar this year?