Holiday Wars review: Who earned their elf ears from Santa?


In this week’s Holiday Wars episodes, the teams imagined a scene where the elves had to impress Santa. But, which team impressed these Food Network judges?

The winter wonderland is getting a little heated on Holiday Wars. While the four teams put a win on their holiday wish list, one team would leave this Food Network competition very disappointed. Who was booted from Santa’s workshop?

For the Snowball Fight challenge, the teams had to create Santa’s perfect gift. While Mrs. Claus might not have an “E” in her name (apparently these teams can’t spell), she should know what Santa wants as a gift. It seems that he wants to ditch the snow and cold.

Two teams focused on giving Santa a beach vacation. Both Candy Stripers and Peppermint Posse thought Santa needed a beach vacation. While both displays were nice, a few elements were wonky. From funky proportions to odd placements, these displays were just a little off.

The same can be said for the Ginger Snappers drone. While a few elements were creative, the whole item was just a little wrong. It was a good thought, but not quite executed well enough.

The winning display was definitely Bah Hum Bakers. Their puppy in the box had the most personality and details. While the box was a little small for the puppy, it was a great idea and executed well.

In the Holiday Wars Winter Blizzard Challenge, the teams were challenged to create a scene that shows elf auditions. While Santa might have certain criteria for his holiday elves, these teams needed to push their creativity levels.

Since the tasting element can send a team home, this week’s small bite proved to be quite interesting. The teams had to include a super foods in their tasting element. While there were some similarities in the bites, the flavors and textures seemed to win over the judges.

Overall, the displays were quite successful. The difference between the win and elimination came down to the tiny details.

The most interesting tasting element went to the Bah Hum Bakers. Their lemon ginger cookie with matcha cream and blueberry was the most sophisticated bite. Plus, it took a different spin from everyone else. Where granola and energy bars dominated, this tasting element showed that super foods can be incorporated into a tasty dessert.

Where some teams listen to the judges’ feedback, the Candy Stripers didn’t. Even after discussing it, they decided to have Santa face inward. It is such a waste for the Santa to face the wrong way.

Still, their display had some amazing elements. The sugar work from this team is breathtaking. The microphone looks real.

The Ginger Snappers had the most impressive display. The detail in their elves, from the expressions to the muscles, made them feel lifelike.

Also, their tasting element had a perfect balance of flavor and texture. The tartness from the dried cherry to the texture, it was a lovely complement to their display.

Winning this week’s episode was the Ginger Snappers. Since this challenge really focused on the elves, their elves were the best of the bunch.

Unfortunately, one team didn’t live up to “slap my face and call me an elf” moment. Peppermint Posse had a creative tasting element. The granola and acai mousse had a great flavor and texture impressed the judges.

Where there tasting element had great details, the display lacked the precision it needed. Although the concept was flattering (it showed the judges and host), it had the most missteps.

In this competition, the figures need to be right. A mis-shaped hand or an uneven foot will be noticed. Sometimes it can be beneficial to pull back and do something right than do many things sub-par.

With just three teams remaining in Holiday Wars, it is difficult to determine who could earn the title. Most likely Ginger Snappers and Bah Hum Bakers should make the finale. While Candy Stripers are good, they haven’t listened to the judges’ feedback. That choice could get them eliminated.

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What did you think of this week’s Holiday Wars episode? Do you think that the best display earned the win?