A touch of luck and a dash of flavor, Salty Collection from Morton Salt


Why throw salt over your shoulder when you can wear a touch of luck. The Salty Collection from Morton Salt offers the perfect flare for foodies.

Foodie fashion is a huge trend. The Salty Collection from Morton Salt is perfect accessory for anyone looking to add a dash of flavor to their look. Just like salt adds the flavor to life, these jewelry pieces add the spice to your look.

Some people always throw a dash of salt over their shoulder when cooking. Sure, that sprinkle of salt on the floor might be a little superstitious, but there is long history of salt and its connection to fortune. While no one should spill salt, that throw over the shoulder is meant to keep away the evil eye.

From fortune to wealth, salt has and continues to have a strong connection to everyone’s lives. Why shouldn’t it be part of foodie fashion?

Sometimes foodies like to boldly proclaim their love of a certain food or product. In other occasions, a more subtle option is desired. The Salty Collection offers both the subtle and the bold looks depending on your preferred feeling for that day.

For the more subtle nod to salt, the Alchemy Necklace is the perfect choice. Based on the idea that salt was considered an essential element, this subtle necklace can work in any ensemble. It is sleek, elegant yet has meaning to the wearer.

Morton Salt Salty Collection, photo provided by Morton Salt

If the foodie in your life appreciates the goodness that Morton Salt adds to any dish, the Morton Salt Umbrella necklace is the perfect choice. The iconic Morton Salt girl and the phrase, “When it rains, it pours” is an integral part of the brand.

The Morton Salt Umbrella necklace is a lovely reminder that adding a little seasoning to your life is always a good choice. Sometimes that’s downpour can be the seasoning to make everything a little better.

Also, the “Salty” necklace can be the perfect item for the person with the flare in your life. Whether a touch of salty attitude, a pinch of flavor or even a little sprinkle of the spunky mood, being salty can be a good thing.


In addition to the various necklaces, the Salty Collection by Morton Salt offers a variety of earrings and cufflinks. Lastly, the brand offers a wide array of other salt inspired gifts. From apparel to accessories to home goods, there is an item that will add some flavor to your foodies’ life.

And, if you need a reason to consider the Salty Collection this holiday season, Morton is donating $50,000 to Feeding America. As part of Morton Salt’s Erase Food Waste initiative, the money is to support food rescue efforts.

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Are you ready to bring a little flavor to your fashion? The Salty Collection by Morton Salt will definitely have you embracing the salty side.