Snickers White is back and it isn’t going away again


Forget the limited edition offering, Snickers White is becoming a permanent part of the candy line-up. Are you ready to embrace the white chocolate?

Have you ever sampled Snickers White? The limited-edition twist on the classic candy bar is becoming a permanent part of the Snickers candy line-up. While many people are excited about this new twist, does this announcement project a potential trend in the candy industry?

In a recent announcement by Mars Wrigley, Snickers White will be a permanent part of the candy line and will available on store shelves in 2020. Even though candy lovers will have to wait a month, the demand for this candy bar will be high.

The Snickers White was offered last year and it received a hugely positive response. According to Josh Olken, Brand Director, SNICKERS. “As we continue to see the demand for white chocolate grow, we’re excited to present this new take on our classic SNICKERS for more fans to enjoy.”

White chocolate tends to be sweeter. When combined with the peanuts, caramel and nougat, the flavor combination can be rich. Different from the classic milk chocolate, this flavor might have an appeal the bigger sweet tooth.

Several other Mars Wrigley brands have expanded into white chocolate. From TWIX to M&M’S, there are several candies that are embracing the lighter side of chocolate. Given these expansions, it will be curious to see if other brands add a white chocolate variety as well.

Snickers has expanded its offerings in several ways this year. From a creamy variety to offering different nut options, it shows that candy fans are always looking for something new but not too far from the familiar.

By never staying stagnant, Snickers ensures that it not only keeps it fan base but also gains new candy fans. It will be curious to see what new flavor gets added to the candy portfolio.

Snickers White will be available starting in January 2020. It will be available in both single and double varieties.

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What do you think of Snickers White? Do you think that more candies will embrace the white chocolate trend?