Sip back and sparkle with Jonathan Van Ness and SodaStream


The holiday season can be stressful. Jonathan Van Ness and SodaStream encourage you to sip back, relax and sparkle away those difficult moments.

One simple statement can turn the holiday season stress down a little. Jonathan Van Ness and SodaStream has created a refreshing ASMR video to soothe those difficulties away. Are you ready to sip back and sparkle?

Everyone has heard that hydration is important. Still, some people can find water just boring. When drinking water is more fun, people remember to stay hydrated.

Stress and the holidays tend to go hand in hand. From all the holiday parties to the holiday shopping to the overindulgent food and drink, sometimes everyone forgets to just take a moment. Even just taking a moment to sip can be the perfect refreshment.

With that thought in mind, let this video be you moment to de-stress.

Yes, this video is amusing and even a bit relaxing. Who doesn’t love JVN? From vivacious personality to his poignant insights, he has his pulse on the current climate.

More importantly, this video brings up an important underlying point. Hydration can help combat holiday stressors. Enjoying an extra glass or two of sparkling water can make the holiday season more merry and bright.

With SodaStream water is far from boring. From the burst of fizzing carbonation to adding your favorite flavor add-ins, water can become the holiday elixir.

Plus, not every holiday party needs to be filled with holiday cocktails. Having a mocktail on hand is always a smart choice. The carbonated water, with a variety of flavorful add-ins, can become the hit of any holiday gathering.

Also, this video shows cucumber water. Did you know that cucumber water can help soothe your skin? It helps to remove toxins from the inside out. With all the holiday events, everyone wants their skin to look the best. It is another great reason to add some fizz your holiday routine.

This holiday season, remember what Jonathan Van Ness said and “stay hydrated queens.” With a little sparkle and fizz, everyone can feel a little more refreshed.

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What is your tip for staying hydrated during the holidays? Does your SodaStream help you stay hydrated?