Tic Tac is holiday fresh, are you refreshingly minty this holiday season?


Santa and his beard are embracing the refreshing mint. Tic Tac is always holiday fresh and the holidays are looking to be fun and festive.

Are you holiday fresh? Tic Tac is adding a little fun to the season’s festivities. While the refreshing mint always offers a boost of flavor, Santa is giving this season an extra burst of fun.

As part of a fun holiday promotion, the refreshing mint brand is embracing the holiday beard trend. From beard ornaments to beard decorations, why shouldn’t that beard get dressed up for the holidays.

Since Santa has had one of the most epic beards of all time, Tic Tac has decided to give Santa a refreshing mint update this holiday season. Could you impress in this one of a kind Tic Tac wearable?

Available to win on the Tic Tac USA Instagram page, this Tic Tac Candy Cane Santa Beard will go to one lucky fan. In addition to the beard, there is a dispensable holster hidden within that fluff. Who ever wins this holiday treat will always be refreshingly minty. The giveaway ends on December 19.

This giveaway is the latest version of Tic Tac Wearables. Earlier this year, the brand offered cufflinks. Also, remember the mint art that the brand did for the iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas? This type of entertaining promotion keeps engaged with its fans. It is important for the brand to show its fun side.

Tic Tac holiday offering, Santa beard made of Tic Tac Candy Cane mints, photo provided by Tic Tac

While there is only one epic Santa beard, the Tic Tac Candy Cane mints are available at various retailers. Not only is the packaging holiday festive, each mint is printed with a red candy cane.

Plus, it is much easier to enjoy these candy cane inspired mints than a traditional candy cane. No one likes eating that plastic wrapper.

These refreshing mints would make a great stocking stuffer. Plus, you might want to keep a package in your purse throughout the season. From a quick burst of minty goodness to refreshing your breadth, you never know when a mint would come in handy.

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Are you ready to holiday refresh with Tic Tac this season? How many containers of Tic Tacs do you have in your purse?