A special holiday food delivery turns into a holiday food tradition


Growing up, a Hickory Farms delivery signaled the start of the holiday food feast. That holiday food tradition continues to be part of holiday celebrations.

Holiday food traditions come in all flavors, sizes and shapes. Hickory Farms was part of my family holiday food traditions. When a box of summer sausage arrived at the house, the excitement grew. Who would get the first piece? What cheese would be served with it? Did we buy enough for all the holiday events?

Even with I was little, there was one year where we actually went to a Hickory Farms store. While most associate Hickory Farms with gourmet food delivery, there is a part of me that still remembers sampling a piece of cheese, the aromas of cured meat and the excitement of what treats would we buy.

Today, there is still that excitement when a Hickory Farms delivery arrives at the door. Whether it is something that I personally ordered or a gift from someone else, there is nothing better than unveiling a delicious treat in that box.

Hickory Farms continues to evolve, just like the food trends that foodies adore. Today’s the brand looks to connect people through great tasting food. While that summer sausage is always tasty choice, new options show that the taste and heritage is always a memorable pairing.


This year, the Taste of California gift baskets have been added to the vast and varied gift offerings. From California wine to California cheese, these gift baskets are a food journey through the region. These artisan foods are perfect to share with everyone both during the holidays and beyond.

One of the perfect gift baskets this year was the California Farmstand Gift Crate. As a huge fan of California Cheese, the Sonoma Jack Cheeses in this food basket are a wonderful example of local cheese. From the pungent blue to the spicy habanero, these cheeses are delicious on their own, paired with a California wine or incorporated into a cheese plate.

The gift basket is more than just the amazing Sonoma Jack Cheeses. The basket includes the classic Hickory Farms salami and some roasted nuts. It has everything that you need to make the perfect cheese plate. Just remember how to make that salami river and pretty visuals to make that cheese plate pop.


While all the Taste of California gift baskets are amazing, they are only a fraction of the options available from the company. Whether you like a sweet treat, cured meats, wine or a variety of all of these items, there is a gift basket that is perfect for any and every occasion.

Given my holiday food connection to Hickory Farms, I know that these gift baskets will always be part of my family’s holiday celebration. While I might be drawn to some of those traditional foods, there is a part of me who wants to explore flavors, too. Luckily, I can find a way to enjoy both of those holiday moments.

If you want to start a holiday food tradition, consider Hickory Farms and its food gift baskets. Those flavors can bring a smile on your face, satisfaction in your belly and happiness in your heart any time of the year.

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When was the last time you had a Hickory Farms gift basket? Does it hold a holiday food memory for your?