Food Network predicts these seven big food trends for 2020


As another year comes to a close, Food Network looks ahead to 2020. Will you get on board with these big 2020 food trends for the new year?

Over the past year, Food Network has explored all types of food trends. From the flexitarian and plant-based food movement to being more conscious about food waste, the popular food-centric network is always bringing trends into the home cook’s life.

Throughout 2019, foodies have seen the rise and fall of big fads. The chicken sandwich wars obsession filled people’s feeds, while the “impossible” fast food became a reality. Even as foodies embrace global flavors, the sense of nostalgia balanced the new.

With a new year and decade on the horizon, Food Network predicts seven big 2020 food trends. Although some of these food trends seem to build on trends from this year, it will be interesting to see how foodies embrace these predictions.

Here are Food Network’s seven big food trends for 2020.

Ditch the sugar

At the beginning of the year, many people look to make food-related resolutions. Many people are looking to reduce and/or limit sugar in their diets.

It will be interesting to see who people chose to adapt this resolution. From eating clean to food substitutes, eating less sugar could have a big impact on the food industry.

Puffed and popped snacks

Many people believe that texture and crunch leads to food satisfaction. Looking ahead, lighter but crunchy snacks will take the lead. From less oil to a louder crunch, consumers won’t skip snack time but rather find healthier alternatives.

Similar to the rise of the air fryer, these puffed and popped snacks give options. No longer do consumers have to deprive themselves when there is an alternative.

Meal prep takes priority

Many families understand the benefits of weekly meal prep. Food Network has found more people searching for these tips and tricks on their networks.

With the resolution to make more homemade meals, meal prep becomes a focus. When food is easy, ready to go, people are less likely to run through the drive-thru.

European-inspired desserts

While cookies and cakes will always be special, Eastern European desserts are finding their way to the table. From babka to kolaches to Scandinavian cardamom rolls, food traditions are more similar than different. It is interesting to see how the commonalities between all these different recipes.

Sustainable meat and vegetable blends

Although plant-based meat was everywhere in 2019, consumers are looking for more sustainable, non-manufactures foods in 2020. From adding real vegetables to reducing meat consumption, families are looking to put real, affordable food on the table. While it might not be “know your farmer,” but it is getting back to real food.

Smart kitchens become more approachable

From programmable appliances to connected apps, smart kitchens are becoming the norm. As more companies add this technology and more consumers become comfortable using it, the trend will continue to grow.

While the tech can, nor should, completely over take traditional cooking, it can give consumers the confidence to get into the kitchen. Shouldn’t everyone become a more confident cook?

Pellet Grills

Barbecue and grilling were a huge food trend for 2019. Still, the home griller can find the techniques and tools overwhelming.

Pellet grills are easy to control. From electric rods, temperatures remain more regulated. With less mess and difficulty, everyone can feel like a master griller and smoker.

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These seven big 2020 food trends are Food Network’s predictions for the new year. Do you think that you will embrace any of these concepts?