Al Roker wins the chicken sandwich wars with his Southern Chicken Biscuit Sliders


Al Roker, the Today Café and Universal Orlando Resort might have just won those chicken sandwich wars. Al’s Southern Chicken Biscuit Sliders deserve top billing.

Today Café and Universal Orlando Resort shared Al Roker’s newest seasonal dish. Al’s Southern Chicken Biscuit Sliders might finally put an end to those pesky chicken sandwich wars. Are you ready for a taste?

Chicken sandwiches have become the “hot” menu item. From fast casual to high end restaurants, everyone has put their chicken sandwich up for contention. It seems that chicken is as big a food trend as all the plant based foods.

Still, not all chicken sandwiches are created equal. A really good version is more than a piece of chicken on a bun. It is the perfect combination of flavors, textures and a little something extra. That perfect bite brings a smile to your face and becomes a moment of foodie heaven.

For the next seasonal dish at Universal Orlando Resort’s Today Café, Al Roker and the Universal culinary team are tackling the trendy chicken sandwich. After the hugely successful Avocado Toast, which was part of the Today Café debut, the team had set the bar high. Would this new menu item deliver?

According to Universal, Al’s Southern Chicken Biscuit Sliders “feature grilled chicken, pimento cheese, crispy onions, Carolina Gold BBQ sauce and shredded lettuce on a warm freshly baked biscuit.” Looking at this description, this chicken sandwich is far from being boring and bland.

Al Roker Chicken Sliders at Today Cafe, Universal Orlando Resort, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

First, putting the sandwich on a biscuit is smart. A warm, flakey biscuit can absorb all the flavors from the slider. Additionally, it offers a delightful texture contrast to the chicken. Knowing the Universal culinary team, this biscuit might be better than your grandma’s (sorry grandma).

Second, this slider uses pimento cheese. For those unfamiliar, pimento cheese is a Southern staple. The punch of flavor from this spreadable cheese is amazing. It should ensure that every bite has the iconic pimento cheese flavor.

Lastly, the slider features grilled chicken. In some ways, this choice allows the other flavors in the sandwich shine. Additionally, the grilled chicken pairs better with the Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce. Putting sauce on fried chicken can make it soggy, which ruins a sandwich. Grilled chicken ensures that all the flavors and textures come through in each bite.

Al’s Southern Chicken Biscuit Sliders are available at the Today Café, which is located inside Universal Studios at Universal Orlando Resort.

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Do you think that Al Roker and Universal Orlando Resort won the chicken sandwich wars with these sliders?